Old subject, I know. But the adamant hate for this movie is astounding. It's still going strong after 2 years! It might have even increased! Anyway, I decided to watch the movie a fourth time. This time, however, I made a list of everything that I liked and disliked about it. Usually, when I watch this movie, I end up angrily yelling at my TV every time they mess something up. But writing it all out as it came along actually made watching the move almost enjoyable.

I wrote out even the most trivial details. Even the most minor changes. You know why? Because, alone, the small details would probably be forgotten, but there are so many of them, that it just turns this movie into something almost completely foreign to us.

I started with what I liked, because it is a shorter (and more positive) list.


  • The Deleted scenes. That is, I like that they took them out. (Except the Kyoshi warriors. That’s a whole other matter.) Those scenes were just random, creepy, and weird. They had nothing to do with the movie.
  • Some of Sokka’s humor wasn’t horrible.
  • The Blue Spirit wasn’t bad. (The Blue Spirit's hair is again, another matter entirely.)
  • I liked that Yue’s hair turns back to brown.
  • I liked Yue.
  • I liked how they incorporated his emotions into his waterbending.
  • The ending where everyone bowed to Aang and he finally bowed back, accepting his role as the Avatar was pretty good.
  • Even though she was only on-screen for a few minutes, I did like Azula. (Yes, she was the wrong race, but that aside- I did like her.)
  • I don’t know if these next two count but I liked the credits. They were enjoyable.
  • I also liked the DVD menu.


1. The Characters aren’t even the right races! In the TV show they were not South Asian or black, you could plainly see that. They were mostly Eskimo and Oriental.

2. The Pronunciations were all wrong. I don’t care how you pronounce them, Mr. Shyamalan, it’s Sakka not Soka, Iro, not Eeroh, Aavatar is not pronounced Aahvatar, Aang isn’t Aahng, (It was doubly horrible when they said Aahvatar Aahng). Even things were mispronounced: for the record, it’s Agnee Ki, not Agnee Kee.

3. They can’t even get Katara’s hair right!

4. Worst opening ever!

5. The actors… can’t act.

6. Nothing makes sense.

7. Appa is creepy.

8. Aang isn’t as fun-loving as he should be.

9. Zuko’s scar is barely noticeable.

10. Zuko has both of his eyebrows.

11. She is not called Grandma! It’s Gran-Gran! Gran-Gran!!!

12. Iroh has a weird accent. (Not in general, just a weird accent for Iroh.)

13. “[The Spirit World] is not a place made out of things we can touch.” Really? Aang seemed to touch it pretty well when he was there in the TV series.

14. They changed the whole reason of the war!

15. That test Zuko and Iroh did at the beginning of the movie was bogus. The elements won’t move on their own unless someone bends them. Aang didn’t do anything!

16. “If you failed the test, as all others did-” How many others did you find with tattoos and could airbend?

17. The Fire Nation uniforms don’t look right.

18. When Aang escaped from Zuko, there was no Avatar-State-action! -_- * disappointed *

19. They don’t explain things. For people who don’t know the series, this whole movie would be so confusing! They wouldn’t know why, when they were supposedly looking for someone old, they took Aang, or why Zuko “had [his] honor back” when he had Aang captured.

20. Airbenders don’t pull pranks. They are extremely peaceful. Extremely.

21. The Monks named Aang? Whatever.

22. Momo is creepy too.

23. Prayer field? Huh?

24. Monk Gyatso isn’t black!

25. Aang looks creepy in the Avatar State.

26. Just because you are in the Avatar State doesn’t mean you are in the spirit world.

27. The dragon that speaks to Aang is just a bad rip-off of Koh. It has nothing to do with Fang or Roku.

28. Aang’s crush on Katara = nonexistent.

29. ^<- So are all of the love interests.

30. Instead of making it out that Iroh loved tea, (In the scene where Zuko is fighting off all those guys and Iroh is just standing there drinking tea.) It looks like he just doesn’t care.

31. Aang isn’t supposed to already know about the Fire Nation or the war. He’s been gone for a hundred years- the Fire Nation wasn’t ALWAYS bad.

32. Aurgh! Haru is not a little kid!

33. Uh… why aren’t the earthbenders in a prison? They are outside= there is earth all around them! They could have escaped anytime they wanted to.

34. Aang isn’t supposed to talk the earthbenders into fighting back - Katara is.

35. Too much Kung Fu. It gets silly real quick.

36. Why does it take 10 earthbenders to move a rock the size of my fist?!

37. Sokka isn’t supposed to be a good fighter (at least, not in the first season).

38. The real reason Aang ran away from the monks was because they were going to separate him from Monk Gyatso. Not because they said he could never have a family - goodbye LOK!

39. They didn’t just go around helping every village they came upon. That’s exactly what Sokka was against, not for.

40. Yue’s father wasn't dead in the tv show.

41. Aang didn’t have trouble learning waterbending! He had trouble with earthbending, his natural and emotional opposite.

42. They don’t need to decipher the scrolls Zhao got from the Library, just read them.

43. Why? Why? Why? Why! Why! Why!? WHY!?! Do not show Ozai’s face - ever!!!

44. Firebenders can’t create their own fire? How stupid! They say it’s only fair since the other benders have to be near their elements., but air and water are everywhere, and earth/metal is almost everywhere.

45. Really? Zuko and Iroh are in the Earth Kingdom talking about settling down with a girl? That doesn’t happen untill book 2!

46. The Blue Spirit’s hair was… interesting.

47. They made Ozai too caring for Zuko.

48. Pakku wouldn’t accept Katara - in the movie he did. I’m okay with that, but it takes out that battle and Katara’s fierceness and the backstory on Gran-Gran and Pakku. Unneeded story-point, I know, I'm just pointing out differences.

49. The 100 day seize of Ba Sing Se? It was 600. Big difference.

50. Yue isn’t engaged? Whatever. I can live without Hahn.

51. The fight between Zuko and Katara was lame and untrue to reality. One blow and Katara was unconscious.

52. The Southern Watertribe were the wolves, not the northern.

53. That weird shadow effect when Aang is in the Spirit World is, well… weird.

54. “As the Avatar you are not meant to hurt others.” Isn’t that the opposite of what we hear towards the end of book 3?

55. Iroh firebending was okay, but he just stood there. He didn’t attack. Boring.

56. Everyone is too serious.

57. The whole thing with Zuko and Zhao about to fight is another bad rip-off of the earlier fight that they skipped. At least in the original they fought a little bit.

58. That is NOT how Zhao dies! 4 warriors drowned him in a bubble!? I mean, do you really want people to make fun of everything in this movie?

59. Too much slow-mo.

60. Aang just makes a wave, he doesn't turn into that water-spirit-thing at the end of the movie.

61. Aang is waterbending after the moon is back. In the series he stopped waterbending when the moon came back.

62. Aang doesn’t even hurt the Firebenders! “Oh, look, he made a huge wave- swim away in terror before he kills us all (which we now know he won’t do.)” -_-

63. What about the Firebenders inside the city? Aang kinda forgot about them.

64. The script was not written well.

65. The ages were wrong.

66. No wonder he "had" to take out so much stuff. The entire movie is only 103 min! I don't think any of us would have minded a 2-2 1/2 hour movie if it had been good.

67. The 3D was added after filming last minute. So, not very good.

68. They completely erased the Kyoshi warriors from the movie. Suki is instrumental later in ATLA.- which means they would have to change more of the storyline if they ever made a sequel. Which means more people would get mad. Which means more people would hate the movie. Which means more people will hate Shyamalan. (Which, I am okay with.)

69. The Ommited characters: Bumi

70. Jet & the Freedom Fighers. (which, actually I can understand.)

71. June - just a little pet peeve of mine. She's one of my favorite characters. I know she doesn't matter though.

72. Pirates - again, I can understand. This movie cannot be 5 hours long.

73. The Deleted scenes. Like I said, those scenes were random, creepy, weird, and had nothing to do with the storyline.

74. Jeong Jeong - yep. He does need a little note in the movie. 5 minutes, that's all I ask. Otherwise, Aang won't have any emotional blockage for learning firebending in book 3.

75. Anyone notice that Aang still doesn't know about sozin's commet? Really!?

76. Speaking of Sozin's commet - it was supposed to come by the end of the summer- not in three years. Maybe three movies.

76 problems with one movie! That was a long and tedious process, and I hope you took the time to read through it. I’d like to know what you thought as well, so don’t forget to comment.

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