I needed to get the word out. Please, we need to vote this down! I'm not trying to start a rebellion or anything, but the quote pages are some of my favorite articles on the wiki! I love them! Transcripts are boring in comparison.

I know alot of users like the quotes, and the quote pages help alot to those who like quotes, wheather adding them in their comments, or posting them on their profile. The quotes are the things that made us like avatar in the first place- it's what they said that we liked, or we laughed at and though was funny, or what we could related to (in a sense).

I understand that this is an encyclopedia, but the pages are encyclopedic. It is a good reference for memorable quotes. Alot of Avatar fans use the quotes every day for different things, therefore, it is being used, and needs to be kept.

The quote pages are so very important to me, and I know there are other users out there like that. O.W.L.Ty Lee Sprite Normal Outfit(My Blog) 00:48, August 10, 2012 (UTC)

Click here and vote!

Note: Please do not vote to keep it unless that is your true feeling. I don't want to sway you, but I do want to share my opinion. I hold no personal grudges agains differences of opinion.

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