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    I needed to get the word out. Please, we need to vote this down! I'm not trying to start a rebellion or anything, but the quote pages are some of my favorite articles on the wiki! I love them! Transcripts are boring in comparison.

    I know alot of users like the quotes, and the quote pages help alot to those who like quotes, wheather adding them in their comments, or posting them on their profile. The quotes are the things that made us like avatar in the first place- it's what they said that we liked, or we laughed at and though was funny, or what we could related to (in a sense).

    I understand that this is an encyclopedia, but the pages are encyclopedic. It is a good reference for memorable quotes. Alot of Avatar fans use the quotes every day …

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    After piecing what I could together, I think I may know what happened to Lu Ten! He wasn't killed in battle, -Koh stole his face! Iroh abandoned the army and journeyed to the Spirit World to get him back, but he was too late. Lu Ten was gone. That would explain the Avatar Extra's rumors about the strangely familiar face Koh used, and the one where it says that many people belive this (after Lu Ten "died" but before he came back to the Fire Nation) was when Iroh jouneyed to the Spirit World, and partly why Iroh can still see into the Spirit World.

    I'm still working on it, and it has some holes, but I think it's fairly solid.

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    Old subject, I know. But the adamant hate for this movie is astounding. It's still going strong after 2 years! It might have even increased! Anyway, I decided to watch the movie a fourth time. This time, however, I made a list of everything that I liked and disliked about it. Usually, when I watch this movie, I end up angrily yelling at my TV every time they mess something up. But writing it all out as it came along actually made watching the move almost enjoyable.

    I wrote out even the most trivial details. Even the most minor changes. You know why? Because, alone, the small details would probably be forgotten, but there are so many of them, that it just turns this movie into something almost completely foreign to us.

    I started with what I lik…

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    Some of you have probably never heard of the Comma Crusade user group. That's because it's basically gone extinct. The Comma Crusade user group corrected the grammatical errors we see so often in our articles. Now, all of the members who used to be part of it have left the wiki and gone onto other things. A few of them may be back in the future, but for the most part, they're gone. I learned about this, and asked Vulmen about it as well, and decided to try and put together a new Comma Crusade group. I might only lead it until I find a suitable new leader for the Comma Crusade. That, I haven't fully decided on.

    Anyway, on to the purpose of this blog: I know a lot of users on here go around and correct grammar on the articles freehanded. For …

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    So, we have our theories on Mai and Azula, but what about Ty Lee? She was a major character who just seemed to dissapear once Legend of Korra started!

    I've heard alot of theories, most of which I have listed.

    Note: These are not my opinions or theories (though a few are). They are theories that, so far, have no merit.

    • Do you think got settled down someone we are familliar with?
    • Did she marry Haru?
    • Did Ty Lee end up with Sokka? (You have to admit, she liked him.)
    • Do you think she married a character we haven't seen yet?
    • Is she Asami's grandmother?
    • Is she Pema's mother?
    • Is Ty Lee the Lieutenant's (A.K.A. Mustache Man) mother/grandmother?
    • Did she stay with the Kyoshi warriors and teach them all to Chi-Block?
    • Did Ty Lee continue to be a Kyoshi warrior?
    • When…

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