Currently we have seen a bunch of techniques to which bending style is the best. I will give the top 5 I believe is the best, most useful, and powerful special techniques.

5. Combustion man- Even though we have only see this in by one man it has a very powerful technique. He has somehow channeled his chi to a tattoo on his forehead. I think this is equivalent to the air nomad arrow tattoos. His “mind blast” is among the most powerful fire bending moves we have seen.  It’s one of the best techniques because he was able to channel his chi to a focal point and let out a very powerful blast. .

4. Healing- It is the most common on this list but healing is very beneficial. This can channel other people’s chi energy to heal bodies. When hurt this is the only technique to fully generate health in a short period of time.

3. Seismic-sense-Even though currently 2 earth benders know how to use this trick other than badger moles. It helps to find people when you cannot see. It can also tell what move your opponent is about to do, making it easy to counter act the attack. Earth bending consists of neutral Jing. And seismic sense is neutral Jing, waiting for the right moment to attack.

2. Blood bending- Blood bending is so powerful it is considered illegal! To be able to control one’s body is an act of god and should be treated as one of the most powerful tools. Katara, Amon, The puppet master, and tarrlok have all been able to have this special power. Amon has been able to take away peoples bending and the others have been able to make

1. Lightning redirection- This earns the top stop on my list because it seems to be the hardest technique to master. Although it seems easy, believe this is the hardest of all. To take so much energy in your body then guide it somewhere else. The most deadly and uncontrollable power is electricity then to take it from someone then guide it to another location. Iroh learned this technique by watching the water benders. Water benders are the polar opposite as the fire benders. Developing a skill from your natural opposite is a hard task. The Avatars even had trouble with the opposite element and they have been doing it for 10,000 years. One false move with this technique will also kill you. This is why it deserves the top stop on this list.

Honorable mentions:  metal bending, lava bending, energy bending, and spirit manipulation

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