This post will talk about the top 5 Air benders that existed in ATLA or LOK. Avatars do not count in this post. the list is purply opinion

5. Sister lio- Was the one who gave Appa to Aang. Since the air benders are the least common we don’t know a whole lot about any other air benders, so that’s why Lio makes a top spot

4. Monk Pasang- all we know about him is that he was a high monk of the southern air temple. Even though he never did any air bending he was one of the highest ranking monks that we know. That has to count for something.

3. Gyatzo- Trained Avatar Aang and was great friends with Avatar Roku. He had a good personality and was willing to do whatever is right. We don’t see him air bend to much but he has a true air bender instinct.

2. Tenzin- We have seen some very powerful air moves come from Tenzin. He is the son of the avatar and a natural born leader. Even though he can be hard on Korra, Tenzin is still simple and free like all other air benders.

1. Jinora – Jinora might not be asdeveloped as other on this list but I think she has the most potential out of everyone. She is the most spiritual and smartest. If someone was to develop sound bending I think it would have to be from her. When she is a fully realized air bender, her powers will be magnificent.

Other considerations: Ikki and  meelo

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