A few months back, we finally got ourselves a book two trailer. It followed much hype, anticipation, and speculation. With just over half of Book Two past us, let's take a look back at the trailer, and see what can be deduced or guessed based on what we have yet to see from the trailer, considering what we have seen in the series. All time points are from Nick's official video at YouTube, which I'm having trouble finding the original, Nick's channel is restricted, and does not show up in my country, so I can see their videos, but I can't access their channel page. Great logic there. If you can, please leave the link in a comment, and I'll update the post. There are 17 shots from the trailer that have yet to appear in an episode.

EDIT: Not from Nick's channel, but I managed to get a link for the trailer, and fortunately, it's HD. Watch it here.

  1. The Guide First shot, at 0:32, shows Korra and Tenzin meditating. I believe we should see that soon. Korra just got out of the Fire Nation in a flying bison, and having learned of the Harmonic Convergence, it's only natural for her to go back to Tenzin for spiritual guidance. Given Unalaq's betrayal, he's once again her authority in spiritual knowledge.
  2. Darkness Falls Next shot is at 0:54, of Mako and Bolin entering what appears to be the southern spirit portal, at a now unfrozen forest. Note that they're wearing their cold outfits. I don't think they'd go there by themselves, so they're probably going to aid Korra, who if following scenes are correct, will also cross the portal. My guess is that'll happen some time in the last three episodes of the book.<s>
  3. The Guide Now, at 0:56, we see Jinora and Korra meditating, and crossing over to the Spirit World it seems. If the scene whose animation was shown step by step in NYCC earlier this month was indeed the first scene of "A New Spiritual Age", then this should happen at the end of "The Guide".
  4. Darkness Falls1:08. Blocks of ice being broken or thrown at the screen. You can see the trees, so it's probably the southern spirit portal again. Probably a fight involving a waterbender, so maybe Korra, or we finally get to see Desna and Eska launching those icebergs we got from their character descriptions way back (they're not actually icebergs, but you get the point).
  5. The Guide 1:13. Korra moving towards the screen while small dark spirits fly by. This is a prelude to a couple other scenes further along the trailer, that are also tied to a scene we usually get a glimpse on while live-watching Korra, when a commercial break ends, and we see Korra beginning to use Unalaq's spirit healing. She's going to use them on these spirits. This might be in Spirit World, but I'm not sure.
  6. Darkness Falls 1:16. Korra earthbends then waterbends, with her hair down. She's probably fighting Unalaq or Desna and Eska (also something I put together from back from commercial clips, as in the above shot). Notice the background. The river, the rock formations, and most specifically, the sky. This is almost certainly the place where the spirit portals lead to, where Wan and Raava fought against Vaatu in the last Harmonic Convergence. Definitely in the back end of the book.
  7. A New Spiritual Age 1:21. Korra being taken away by a current against a green background. Some rock formations in the background as she falls suggest this is also Spirit World. I have no idea why she's not waterbending there, as this seems similar to the Harmonic Convergence site, and Wan could bend there.
  8. A New Spiritual Age 1:24. Jinora rides a rabbit spirit, who uses its ears as wings, like an insect, into Wan Shi Tong's library. I'm very much interested in this, since it's such a good callback to ATLA. As Jinora is in the Spirit World, this can happen no sooner than ANSA.
  9. Darkness Falls1:28. Mako firebends at someone, near the spirit portal. He's wearing his cold outfit. Probably happens just before shot #2.
  10. Darkness Falls1:29. Hair down Korra waterbends. Same Harmonic Convergence site background from shot #6.
  11. A New Spiritual Age 1:34. Wan Shi Tong lands in front of Jinora. Most likely the same episode as shot #8, no sooner than ASNA.
  12. Darkness Falls1:37. Tenzin, Kya and Bumi fall/are thrown from a height. There's a spirit there. The siblings are using their cold outfits, so it seems they also crossed over to the Spirit World through the spirit portal.
  13. A New Spiritual Age 1:42. Korra and Jinora are seemingly swallowed by a giant spirit version of Slim, the catgator, while presumably swimming in Spirit World waters.
  14. The Guide 1:49. Bright light disperses. Also part of the sequence which includes shot #5. You can see Tenzin, Kya, Bumi and Jinora by one of the rocks. This is Korra finishing the cleanse those small dark spirits.
  15. Darkness Falls1:52. Bolin backflips and earthbends. Probably the same sequence from shots #2 and #9. You can see the spirit forest, and again the cold outfit.
  16. The Guide 1:58. Korra, mid-cleansing the small dark spirits from earlier shots of the trailer.
  17. A New Spiritual Age 2:05. Last shot. Korra puts her hand in a glowing special-effects ball, which begins to glow brighter. Korra opens her eyes, glowing Avatar State. After Beginnings, this is seems to be the northern spirit portal, being opened from inside the Spirit World. Both portals may need to be open for Harmonic Convergence to begin, since they connected in Wan's time.

That's it people. Hit the comments and let's bounce ideas.


So, "The Guide" has aired, so let's take a look at what we can cross off the list. As predicted, scenes 1 and 3 happened in The Guide, with Korra going to Tenzin for help, and ended up receiving it from Jinora. 5, 14 and 16, all from the same sequence, again as predicted, of Korra purifying the numerous, small dark spirits at Eastern Air Temple's meditation circle.


Five scenes from the trailer turned out to be from "A New Spiritual Age". Korra not bending in scene 7 was due to her merely meditating into the Spirit World instead of using the portal. I can't believe I didn't think of that at the time I first posted this. I definitely wouldn't have thought that background was the inside of catgator spirit though. Numbers 8, 11 happened just as predicted, and number 13 was a close call. They weren't exactly swimming, more like being carried away. And I'm glad I also called it 17 being Korra opening the Northern portal, though not for the reasons I thought she would. I'm rather surprised at how many scenes went down with these two episodes. It's almost half of the ones we hadn't seen, yet we still have four episodes to go.


Ok, last update. Let's see if anything else I predicted happened. Well, pretty much all the missing scenes were from Darkness Falls. Nothing from the other three final episodes. Not a single one of them from Light in the Dark. I think it makes sense, since it would be hard to put anything there that wouldn't give massive spoilers. Scenes 9 and 15 were Mako and Bolin keeping Unalaq from getting back in the spirit world, with scenes 4 being either Unalaq or his children targeting Mako and Bolin obscured by the trees, and later 2, after they get themselves free from the twins again. Some suggested that the color of the portal in the trailer indicated it was the Northern portal instead of the Southern, and in a way, we were both right. I was right that they were in the South Pole, but the color of the portal is different due to Harmonic Convergence. I just don't get why in the Spirit World the portals coming together looked green at first when colliding and then changed to yellow. Scene 6 was in the Harmonic Convergence site as predicted, but as we saw, she was fighting Vaatu himself at this point. Scene 10 got me, as I thought it was still the site due to the background, but it was actually in the South Pole after HC began, against Unalaq, before he ripped out Raava. Scene 12, I was right about the Kataang siblings crossing through the portal, that's them being thrown in the Fog of Lost Souls.

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