As you probably know by now, Nick has released an official Book Three: Change trailer. In this post, I'm going break down the trailer scene by scene, discussing anything I see interesting. I'm using the official video as a basis for the time codes. I enjoyed the trailer very much, to the point I might consider doing episode reviews once Book Three starts airing.

  1. 0:00 - 0:10 A rotating symbol and the books title. This is similar to how the Book Two: Spirits trailer began, no surprise there, but we can compare and contrast the two a lot. Book Two had a much more stylized symbol, sectioned into four parts, two rotating clockwise and two counter clockwise, against a black background. As the four sections aligned, the Book's title appeared with a misty effect. Book Three: Change has a less stylized symbol, sectioned into five parts, three moving clockwise, and two counter clockwise. The symbol in itself caught my eye because it doesn't immediately look traditionally Asian to me in a way past Avatar things have. The symbol looks like something that wouldn't be out of place in the Sun Warriors' ancient city in my opinion. As the parts aligned, the the colors change from light blue and white, which reminds me of Raava, to a dark blue and red. This is most likely to emphasize the title Change, as this happens just as the word appears with a fade in effect. I'm certain we'll be able to relate all these subtle stylistic choices to the story line as Book Three progresses.
  2. 0:11 - 0:13 Korra is sitting down on a rock, with her arms holding her legs, in a crouched like position. At the distance, we see what is presumably a present day Misty Palms Oasis. We can't see Korra's face, so it's difficult to make any guesses on what is happening. The oasis has clearly expanded since we last saw it.
  3. 0:14 - 0:16 A Republic City police airship draws near a beautiful location. There are many metal buildings inside what I can only describe as giant metal lotus-like structures. I can count six of those lotus structures, though not all have buildings. The one closer to the foreground has these structures that give it a sort of solar watch appearance. All the metal lotuses are interconnected via bridges that look just like the monorail.
  4. 0:17 - 0:20 Korra practices airbending with a short-haired, green-clothed girl, somewhere with pergola like columns. Maybe they're in garden? This is the first scene we see something completely shocking. Who is this girl, how can she be an airbender, how did Korra find her. This is the first one many times we think that during the trailer.
  5. 0:21 - 0:24 Eight flying bison soar through the sky. Are they part of the herd the Bhanti Tribe tended all these years? They don't seem to be flying near the sea, so I find it unlikely, though still possible. None of them saddles, and none of the are being ridden by anyone. Return of the bison whistle maybe?
  6. 0:25 - 0:28 Several people dressed as Air Nomads behind Meelo and a couple grounded flying bison. These are very clearly not Air Acolytes, their clothing is exactly like Meelo's. Considering we've seen the green-clothed girl already, the only logical assumption I can make is that all these people are airbenders. What is going on? Taking a closer look on these people, they seem to be at least a bit ethnically diverse. All of them are black or brown-haired, and their skin varies from very light to almost Water Tribe like dark. Most are too far to see the eyes properly, but they don't seem to be gray either. At one left most guys has a green top-knot holder, indicating Earth Kingdom. They're mostly men, but there are a couple girls there. The fact all the guys still have hair to me means that, however close they are to Air Nomad culture, they've just joined.
  7. 0:29 - 0:31 Some of the people from the previous scene meditate behind Tenzin. One of them has hair that is suspiciously similar to Bumi's, but I don't discard a fake-out, since one of the Air Nomad dressed people from the previous scene also had hair like that, one of the guys that is almost outside of the screen to left side as the shot pans to the right. At the distance, you can see an Air Temple, which if the released cover for the third Korra artbook is any indication, is the Northern Air Temple. I'll be interested to see how that temple turned out. We already know that Aang restored the Air Temples, but I want to know what he did with all the alterations the mechanist did to the temple. Did he completely revert all he could, did he incorporate them in his restoration? It'll be nice what turned out of a place that was a stage for a conflict that Aang went through when he first saw the changes.
  8. 0:32 - 0:33 A cell door, but not bars, open, and we see its prisoner. A long hair, long bearded guy, with a graying hair, and bandages on his hand and feet. It's dark, and we can't see his face behind his hair. His clothes reminds me of Wan's clothes when he fought Vaatu. Much more interesting, and something I believe not many will have noticed, is the presence of what looks like trigrams. The Eight Trigrams, or Bagua, are used in Taoist cosmology. The name should also be familiar to Avatar fans, as airbending is based on a fighting style called Eight Trigrams Palm. I find it highly unlikely that the Air Nomads would have a prison, let alone imprison someone, so maybe this is an old meditation chamber that was repurposed?
  9. 0:34 - 0:35 The police airship, maybe the same we saw earlier, is landing on a metal structure, maybe those solar watch like structures we saw earlier in metal lotus city. What I assume to be the assumed hangar's personnel are clad in metal armor which includes helmet, breastplate, spaulders, rerebraces and vambraces.
  10. 0:36 - 0:37 In Republic City's stand-in for the Brooklyn Bridge, maybe the Silk Road Bridge which seems to be green (is it cooper?), metalbender cops prepare to presumably apprehend someone at the top of the bridge. The person is too small to see, but he or she is also wearing green. Maybe another inexplicable airbender to have reached the top of the bridge? Again something few would probably notice in this scene, in the background, Republic City looks remarkably free of the Dark Avatar's vines from the end of the last book. Harmony Tower in particular, which can be seen to the right, almost behind one of the bridge's structures.
  11. 0:37 - 0:39 Bumi airbends a plate? He seems very surprised, and by now, I'm half expecting Asami to be shown airbending before this trailer is over. He seems to be in Air Temple Island, and he's wearing a sleeveless shirt. Maybe his pajamas. The plate seems like it could come from that animatic of Meelo dramatically pounding the table with his hand we saw from a while back, if that animatic is from Book 3.
  12. 0:40 - 0:41 A compound somewhere with a lot snow. That dragon we've seen from the Dutch Korra promo seems to be resting in front of it.
  13. 0:41 - 0:42 A character who looks like Azula and Combustion Man's lovechild removes a metal piece from her forehead, revealing a very familiar tattoo. She also appears to have a shackle around her neck. If she can do what I think she can do, she'll be henceforth known as Combustion Woman until we learn her name, if ever. Fingers crossed for another Combustion Man reference in which we actually learn his name, but it's been so long I don't really expect it to happen.
  14. 0:42 - 0:44 Mako, Bolin, Jinora and a kid wearing green running from an attack from above. As it's not water, fire or air, I'm going to assume that's earth. It's a bit blurry, but Mako is noticeably missing his scarf.
  15. 0:44 - 0:45 Guy WaterSpot likened to the scary prisoner for ATLA is exercising in his cell. It is curious to note his cell is made of wood. Considering the same guy later on does something very interesting later in the trailer with earthbending, should we assume the cell is wooden because he can metalbend?
  16. 0:46 The bridge metalbenders from earlier swing below the bridge. Maybe they're in pursuit of the green-clothed individual from the first scene?
  17. 0:46 - 0:47 Water splashes on long-haired girl (there's a hint of breasts as she turns around) that looks like she could be related to Mai or The Dark One. As the water falls down, the girl gets up and turns the water into water-whips, which take place of the arms she doesn't have. She's definitely going to break out. I instantly know that this girl will be a badass, and I have to contain myself from trying to imagine how well every possible disability matches up with each bending art. I noticing a pattern with people in cells by now. Her cell reminds me of Hama's, though it could be a bit different. The floor is wooden, but bars in the walls and ceiling are metal.
  18. 0:48 Tonraq, Eska, Desna, and someone who can only be old Zuko charge against someone offscreen as Tonraq first strikes. I wonder if Eska and Desna are ruling the Northern Water Tribe together, since they do seem to do most things together. That possibility also gives rise to an interesting notion. Most states in the Avatar world now have female leaders. We know Zuko's daughter is Fire Lord, we know know there's an Earth Queen, who I think we see later in the trailer, if Eska is in any position of power in the Northern Water Tribe, that only leaves Republic City and the Air Acolytes with male leaders. And even then, if what seems to be a Air Nomad restoration on the horizon does go through, Air Nomads also had two councils of with female leaders, it would be a matter of time until that could be reestablished, and the United Republic could easily elect a female president come next election if viable candidate comes forth.
  19. 0:49 Kid who looks like the one that was running with Mako, Bolin and Jinora earlier airbends at an earth disk. Around him there are other, hurt-looking kids, wearing the same clothes. Again, I'm assuming they're airbenders. They seem to be in a Lake Laogai kind of place, same glowing green crystals on the walls we saw back then.
  20. 0:50 - 0:51 Tattooed, long haired guy from wooden cell earlier slams his hands on the ground, and lava comes up. Obviously he got out of prison, so I see a major prison break theme going on. He's wearing green, so I'm assuming earthbender. The fact he is bending lava is huge. This is the first time a non-Avatar directly bends lava. Since it's unlikely there would be lava so close to the ground, I believe he changes the ground to lava, much like King Bumi changed the ground to quicksand that time he fought Aang. I'm very interesting in learning what earthbenders can or can't do with lava, and maybe see if a firebender can do something against him as well. This definitely counts as "learning more about earthbending" we had from a while ago. He looks like he's somewhere in Republic City, as there are greens and reds together in the background.
  21. 0:52 Mako, now very clearly without his scarf, and Bolin dodge a lava attack, no doubt from the same guy in the scene before. The way the scenes are edited, you might think they're sequential but they're not. The previous scene was daytime, and this one is night time. The architecture and the palm tree seem to indicate we're back at the Misty Palm Oasis.
  22. 0:53 The red dragon from the Dutch trailer flies against a volcanic setting, it seems during sunset. By now I pretend not knowing this is Zuko.
  23. 0:54 - 0:56 Two White Lotus sentries attack someone, one of them with firebending. This seems to be Air Temple Island, you can see the characteristic Republic City golden glow in the distance.
  24. 0:56 - 0:57 A woman who suspiciously looks like Lin, wearing green a few metal ornaments, dodges a barrage of earth projectiles. Gray structures in the background are either metal or concrete, but I'm going to assume metal.
  25. 0:57 - 0:58 Kid from earlier, now clothed as an Air Nomad, and holding an Air Nomad staff, kick airbends at a truck driver, causing the truck, similar to the police one used to break into Cabbage Corp, to veer off course.
  26. 0:58 - 1:00 An obviously younger and scarless Lin chases someone in an old police car. Blink and you'll miss cameo by feathered hat man.
  27. 1:01 Angry Kya smacks down someone trying to get away with an Air Nomad glider hard at Air Temple Island. My eyes light up at the thought of evil airbender.
  28. 1:02 - 1:03 Asami pulls a Black Widow against a guy who comes at her in a motorcycle and wielding a club. Background indicates Earth Kingdom city, and the rock formations remind me of the quarry campsite Aang first learned earthbending.
  29. 1:03 - 1:04 Imprisoned guy from the Eight Trigrams prison earlier is confirmed an evil airbender, as he uses airbending to pull the White Lotus member who came to give him his food against the cell bars, presumably so he can snatch the keys. We get a better look on his face.
  30. 1:05 - 1:07 Asami rides Naga out of the Misty Palm Oasis at nighttime, holding an unconscious Korra.
  31. 1:08 - 1:09 Lin looks at metal lotus city through a glass, focus shifts from the city to her reflection. Beautiful shot.
  32. 1:09 - 1:11 Ghost Jinora is in a place which looks exactly like that scene from Lake Laogai when we discover the Dai Li hanging from the ceiling, except with the lower parts of the room flooded. At first I though Spirit World, but Jinora didn't look like that in Spirit World. Can she still astral project to other places?
  33. 1:12 Two airships land in the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace. You can tell by the walls and those yellow ceilings. One of the airships is clearly Earth Kingdom, with all the green, and the other looks much more neutral. Republic City maybe, but definitely not police airship. Something else that also supports the location is the Earth Kingdom royal guard giving the airships signals as they land.
  34. 1:12 - 1:13 A woman who can only be the Earth Queen raises her eyebrow suspicious. She looks like a thinner version of the Ba Sing Se monorail ticket woman Iroh flirted with. She has a lot jewelry going on, the one that most catches the eye being these emerald encrusted, golden "finger glove" type of jewel (let me know the name in the comments if you know what they are). She also has a headdress that similar to the ones used by the members of the Five-Seven-Five Society.
  35. 1:14 - 1:15 Eight people, one one of which is the Lin look-alike from before, all metalbenders, spin using metal cables. I have no idea what is going on in this scene.
  36. 1:15 - 1:16 Bolin is underwater, dodging lava chunks thrown at him from above surface. Lighting suggests this is also nighttime, so it's probably from the same sequence as that other scene from before.
  37. 1:17 Mean-looking guy with a scar on his left eyebrow looks up and stares intensely. There's the tinniest amount of flames, as if they had been blocked. Maybe from the White Lotus sentries from before? There are those balconies on the background that also indicate Air Temple Island.
  38. 1:18 - 1:19 We finally see Zuko, looking concerned with another White Lotus sentry. Background is the same he flew from in that previous volcanic background scene with the dragon.
  39. 1:20 - 1:21 Metal rips open, revealing Korra is the one doing the metalbending. Mako, again scarfless, Asami and Bolin are with her. They're in a green-walled looking room, which looks like it could be a hotel room.
  40. 1:21 - 1:22 A Dai Li agent grabs Jinora with an earth glove. Since they seem to be in the game, maybe they're the ones throwing the earth disks at the airbending kid, in that Lake Laogai like place earlier? I smell another conspiracy.
  41. 1:22 - 1:23 Mean-looking guy from before uses airbending to retrieve an Air Nomad glider. Maybe he's the one Kya smacked before and that's why he's so angry?
  42. 1:23 - 1:24 Airbending kid from before, in nice clothes, but not Air Nomad ones, airbends against someone in what looks like a train. Everyone is wearing green, so probably Earth Kingdom.
  43. 1:24 - 1:25 Korra, Asami, Mako and Bolin flee from a from a giant sand shark creature in the Si Wong Desert using a sand-sailer, Korra airbending and Asami steering. Is there a mean of transportation Asami can't steer? This could also be from that animatic shot we've seen from Asami with a paddle, again assuming that was from Book 3.
  44. 1:26 Armorless Lin sends a bunch of rocks against something, most likely at her look-alike from before. She definitely entered metal lotus city, since in the background you can see one of those metal petals from the inside.
  45. 1:27 Badass armless waterbender girl comes thisclose to Mako, who is scared of her.
  46. 1:28 Korra cheerfully practices metalbending with the old hip-mounted metal cables and kicks a rock.
  47. 1:29 - 1:30 Airbending kid, again in Air Nomad clothes, falls from a cliff, something happened because you can see he sort of falls through a bit of smoke, or maybe those are just very dark clouds.
  48. 1:31 - 1:34 Camera makes a clockwise movement, revealing Korra. Sky is in a beautiful golden color, trees seem to have fall colors. In the background, that same giant whale spirit we've seen many times already since it first appeared in "Beginnings, Part 1", and what could be those light butterfly spirits Jinora likes.
  49. 1:35 - 1:38 Bolin shields himself from the lavabending guy, while armless waterbender girl chases Mako. This looks like it happens before Mako was pinned in the other scene, and before both Mako and Bolin dodge the huge lava attack from an even earlier scene. Mako dodges a waterbending attack and slow motion cuts through one of the water arms with his fire.
  50. 1:38 - 1:39 Someone who is most definitely Combustion Woman creates two explosions against police cars giving chase through a green bridge, perhaps the same one the metalbenders were on before.
  51. 1:39 - 1:40 Zuko dodges and earth attack and sends a fire attack of his own. The background suggests this is the same scene earlier with Tonraq, Eska and Desna.
  52. 1:40 - 1:41 Mean-looking, airbending guy flies around with a glider, Bolin and Mako are behind something I can't quite figure out what is, protecting themselves because the ground in front of them is lava. Based on the architecture and the angles, it looks like those metal petals from metal lotus city can close.
  53. 1:41 - 1:42 A wall explodes (definitely Combustion Woman), and Mako firebends the explosion to protect himself and Bolin but are both knocked back. Both are in their pajamas.
  54. 1:43 A Dai Li agent throws himself up in the air with an earth pillar to reach Korra, who prepares to strike back.
  55. 1:44 Meelo, on an air scooter, comes from behind a piece of rock I can't tell if it was earthbent or not, but probably was.
  56. 1:45 Badass armless waterbender girl slashes through a piece of rock thrown her way. The other three bad guys are behind her. The idea of an evil Team Avatar looks very interesting. Combustion Woman's out of prison clothes also make her look badass. The sides of her head are shaved, and the rest is in a braided pony-tail. Lavabender dude is holding someone unconscious, who could be the airbender girl Korra practiced with earlier.
  57. 1:46 Kya has a water ring around her and is sending ice projectiles against someone. Probably mean-looking airbending guy. She's indoors, probably at Air Temple Island.
  58. 1:47 Eska and Desna send many ice projectiles at someone. Background indicates it's the scene with Tonraq and Zuko.
  59. 1:48 In that same Earth Kingdom city Asami pulled a Black Widow, Korra earthbends some guys in motorcycles up in the air.
  60. 1:49 In the same hotel like room Korra rips something metal open before, Mako suddenly firebends at someone or something offscreen. Korra, Mako, Asami and Bolin appeared to be having tea.
  61. 1:50 Closer look at Combustion Woman. Mean airbender and lavabender are with her. Lavabender still has the unconscious person, mean airbender attacks someone offscreen, and Combustion Woman uses regular firebending in the same direction. Are they making a combo attack? I hope we see something that is an overlap between fire and air like mud is to water and earth and clouds to air and water before the series is over.
  62. 1:51 - 1:52 Korra rushes to save a little boy from a building that has Dark Avatar vines still wrapped all around it and is coming down. She has a glider similar to the one the mechanist made to Aang, it's blue.
  63. 1:53 - 2:04 Screen changes to a blue background with the character for "change", in the same blue and red color scheme from the beginning of the trailer. Legend of Korra logo fades into view, a couple notes similar to that signature "Hunger Game" whistling is heard, screen radially fades to black.

So, we can take that something huge happened that resulted in people suddenly gaining airbending. Perhaps it's one of the consequences of Harmonic Convergence, leaving the Spirit Portals open, or maybe a combination of the two? They said that the effects of Harmonic Convergence would have a great consequences, so maybe that is it. Who are the members of evil Team Avatar and what do they want? Why were they imprisoned? Book Three is definitely shaping up to be interesting and I hope we get a release date, or even a release date for the release date soon. What are your thoughts on my thoughts on the trailer?