This blog is a reaction to Writing Contest: Epic Art for Epic Battles

In this period in which Book One of LOK has been over for a while, and we don't have any new Canon material, we've been seeing a whole bunch of contests being hosted around the wiki. One of these happened to be Minnichi's action contest based slightly off of Theavatardemotivator's writing challenge. Well now… I present you with a contest based on Minnichi's based on TAD's. I give you, the Omashu Comedy Contest.

Contestants will write a one-shot comedy piece about the Avatar world including characters from either A:TLA, LOK, or both. The only thing that matters is the funny-ness of the fanon. Action, romance, poetry, beautiful detail, etc. are not important. Also, there is no minimum or maximum length.

The main part about Minnichi's and TAD's contests was this system based on your username/birthday to determine the main parts of your piece. Mine doesn't really work like that. Since comedy is, in my opinion, the most difficult thing to write, I am giving y'all a little more freedom. There are only a few slight requirements specific to each individual that should make things a little bit more interesting.


  • Take the first letter of your username. Below is a list of what you must include in your one-shot depending on what that letter is. Note that these things do not have to be at the center of your piece.

a - a reoccurring Amora (AmonXKora) joke
b - Bolin (as a major character)
c - a really harsh joke making fun of the country you live in
d - a dialogue between two animals
e - the word "Elmo" 5 times
f - a subtle "adult" joke
g - God (as a character)
h - Hell (as a primary, secondary, or minor location)
i - Ikki (as a major character)
j - a reference to Jerry from those Subway commercials
k - K-POP
l - Lady Gaga
m - The Ba Sing Se monorail (Think of the crazy things that happen on trains)
n - Nickleback
o - Order of the White Lotus
p - a political joke
q - three different words that begin with "q"
r - Rambo
s - Starbucks (as a primary, secondary, or minor location)
t - Reappearing T-Rex
u - Uranium bombs
v - poisonous velvet cupcakes
w - Where's Waldo?
x - Project X reference
y - Yo Gaba Gaba
z - Al Gore saying "A zebra does not change its spots."

  • One-Shot due by Sunday, October 21. Simply write a blog entitled "Comedy Contest: Blah blah blah" and comment with a link to it.
  • Also be sure to give your fanon the appropriate rating (PG, PG-13, etc) either at the top or in an infobox should you choose to use one.


  • 1 point for every time I smile and think "Hah, that's pretty funny."
  • 2 points for every time I actually laugh or chuckle.
  • 3 points for every time I crack up or clap or really think it's funny.
  • 4 points if you make me cry.
  • I will then add 1-5 points at the end based on my overall feeling for your piece, which will depend heavily on theoretical "laughs-per-minute."
  • One might look at the system and think "Hey, the longer it is, the more points I can score!" False. If it drags on, I will start deducting points.
  • The added score at the end will not be as high if over 85% of the jokes were about the same topic.


  • In the requirements above, there are lots of loopholes. Take advantage of them.
  • The edgier, the better. Let's make these interesting.
  • Look at my one-shot to see what I might like and what kind of language I would say is "appropriate"
  • If it's any help, my favorite shows are The Office and Modern Family.
  • You're more likely to win if the setting is in contemporary times. Still, one could always pull off a great fanon taking place in Aang or Korra times.


I said that the winner would receive absolutely nothing. Well, you get a little userbox… Happy?

This user won Omashu Rocks's Comedy Contest.

Just copy {{OmashuComedyContest}} to your profile!



Well, the results are in and one thing's for sure: I really hate picking a winner, especially when each of the entires truly was a comical masterpiece. Because of the incredible talent displayed in this contest, I'm going to name the best parts of each submission, as well as their drawbacks:

  • Minnichi's: The theme was hilarious, simply put. The whole idea that the Dai Li are some sort of Liberal group silencing Conservatives is really creative. The main critique I have is that this seemed to be the only joke, a good one, though…
  • Master Ratava's: Well I love parodies, and this one didn't disappoint. Maybe you could've have gone a little more above-and-beyond, but I have no major complaints.
  • MibuWolf's: You should know that I almost died laughing when the men ripped off their trench coats and starting dancing to "It's Raining Men." That was absolutely hysterical, even if your inspiration was… odd. If you had just a few more moments that were equally as funny to add on to that it would have been perfect.
  • Godsrule's: It was a shorty-but-a-goody kinda fanon. It reminded me of one of those short SNL skits that makes no sense whatsoever but makes me chuckle anyway. Still, I suppose even comedy does require some substance.
  • Agent Slash's: Iroh's constant interrupting to declare that he's an Amorra fan was brilliant, especially after the final Azula scene. One thing, I fear, is that you fell into the trap of taking your required element and making it pretty much the only point of humor. I tried to hint as best I could when I said that it didn't have to be the central focus that contestants should try to include as many topics as possible.
  • Kuzonkid7's: By far the most "interesting" entry. Kuzon has mastered the sometimes-wonderful, sometimes-disastrous element of randomness. For this entry, I think it had a little bit of both. Some parts had me cracking up and others left me a bit confused.

For the most part, you guys all submitted stories, and I guess that makes sense. But who would've guessed that the entry that made LOL the most really wasn't a narrative at all. In fact, it really had no plot, yet it was still crafted masterfully. It turns out that, in this case, going simple really did the trick. The winning piece was short, sweet, and hilarious. Although it really didn't seem like much, every single line had a laugh. I almost feel weird declaring this the winner, as it feels like it shouldn't be, with it only being a list of one-liners. Yet, I find myself really laughing hard at TheLoKnessmonster's entry! Congratulations! Now go read my new comedy one-shot, Merry Halloween.