I think we can all agree that the worst plague of all, drama, has been spreading like crazy all over the wiki. It seems everywhere I look, there's a blog about how someone feels mistreated, a blacklist in someone's user space, a user complaining about others on the IRC, or message threads full of dramatic (and if live, probably teary) testimonies on how the world, particularly the wiki, is so cruel… Honestly, what's gotten into us.

1) Users everywhere (not just one person) are whining about how their edits have been reverted by the "oppressive" and "abusive" admins. Guys, it's there job to keep the wiki in top shape! That includes removing false information, including speculation and correcting grammatical errors. If you make one of these mistakes, and I have many times myself, then the anyone, especially admins, has the right to undo/revert it. No complaining necessary.

2) "Everyone here hates me!" I've seen this from several users in one form or another. No, we don't… We may have actually enjoyed your presence but changed our minds when you started being annoying, and quite frankly a jerk. If you're one of these people, the only real way to improve your standings in people's opinions is to stop.

3) Enough with the dramatic "Goodbye cruel wiki" blogs. If you are so convinced that nobody likes you and that you are being ignored, why would you even make a blog? Is it for attention?

I know I speak for many people when I ask that everyone just tones it down a bit when it comes to drama. Let's stop acting out for attention or assuming that we are the center of the wiki and the most important thing in other people's lives. We aren't. Not anything is completely about any one single person. We work together to improve the wiki.

Can we please just go back to getting along?

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