Hey everyone! If you haven't already heard, this wiki's fanon newsletter, the The White Lotus Sentinel, has completed its trial run and will now be returning permanently! We really appreciate YOUR articles in the newsletter, but if you aren't a fanon type of guy/gal, you may be interested in our new FILM PORTAL!

That's right! You can now submit articles regarding the film namespace to the WLS! This can mean your opinion on The Last Airbender, your predictions of movies to come, who you want to be casted as Toph in The Last Airbender 2, or maybe even take a guess at the prospects of a Legend of Korra movie!

So what are you waiting for? Get crackin' on your article! When your done you can send them to me via Special:EmailUser/Omashu Rocks.

Film - Aang with Kyoshi villagers

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