Issue 21: August 29, 2013

Fanon Awards: Full Coverage
Omashu Rocks

Note: Some of the information regarding the Fanon Awards may have changed since the publication of this article.

It's that time of the year again folks! It's almost June, which means that the Fifth Fanon Awards have been creating excitement in the portal for quite some time. In this article, you'll receive a compete recap, at well as commentary, of the Awards so far.

The whole frenzy started when the Fanon Awards Council announced their picks for the three starting nominees for each category. For Outstanding Drama Series, which would later become Outstanding Fanon Series, the councilors selected three titans from our wiki: Air, a favorite of Councilor AvatarRokusGhost by Wordbender, Avatar: The Heir of Ban, a classic by legendary longtime author Manzai, and Whispers of Tempests, MibuWolf's most recent creation. While none of these choices were shocking, as they all deserve to compete in the category, what did surprise some users were the fanons that weren't initially included, namely Silent Hero in Emerald by Minnichi. SHiE was swiftly suggested by the community to take one of the two spots for "community nominations," and was voted in along with Aritiane's beloved Phantoms. Minnichi's and Wordbender's fanons are currently the frontrunners with 5 and 4 votes, respectively.

The Outstanding New Series category proved to be problematic, after Administrator Lady Lostris noticed that Avatar: Neo Revolution by Jtwin1 did not technically qualify as a "new story." Because of this, all three of the community suggestions, including my own first-person narrated Crossfire, Kugumi's Romance Moon Drops, and SifuHotman's background series, Saying Goodbye, joined veteran ARG's Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes and Typhoonmaster's beautifully-written Nirvana to compete in the final round. At this stage in the game, Nirvana has a vote count of 4, doubling the votes of current second place, Moon Drops. The category has received little overall votes.

Some of the smallest amount of votes have been counted for the Outstanding Short Fanon category, in which my Political Animals currently has a small lead over its competitors, Spotted Bamboo, Elements of Life, and Colours, which received its first vote recently. The other less-exciting categories to watch were the ones in which there wasn't much of a contest. ByBray finished with a six point lead over second place for Outstanding New Author, and Minnichi had seven points for Outstanding Illustrator, topping nearest competitor Kugumi by three to win. The victor of the Best Male Supporting Character was clearly Silent Hero in Emerald's own Hiroshu from the start, and fellow SHiE character Riya won the Best Female Supporting Character contest, but only by one vote over Moro Kenshi from Mageddon725's It All Ends.

A close race raged on to take the spot of Best Female Main Character. Just recently, my Nalia recently took first with a surprising swing vote from Fruipit, making her total 3 votes. Ty's Grace, ARG's Ratana, and Kyoshidude's prized Kyoshi were all close behind with 2 each. Best Villain was stuck in a dead heat, with The Chancellor from BlackMonkey's renowned The Avatar Rhythm tied with fanon colossus Heiress of the Nile's Naja, who was a contender for the award last year, until a vote from ARG put Naja on top. There was almost no competition for Nirvana's Wake, who sailed to victory in Best Male Main Character.

Now for the chapter-specific writing awards: "Chapter Thirteen" from Nirvana took gold for Outstanding Writing in a New Fanon Series, but "Leaving Home" from DSV wasn't too far behind. Outstanding Writing in a Fanon Series went to constant frontrunner "Consequence" from SHiE, followed by Whispers of Tempests' "First Snowfall, Part 2" (doesn't that make it the second snowfall?)

The most suspenseful categories this year are Outstanding Editor, Outstanding Author, and Outstanding Romance Series. While, I'd put my money on Fruipit to win Outstanding Editor, she is only 1 vote ahead of PSUAvatar14. In an even closer matchup, Minnichi currently boasts 3 votes for Outstanding Author compared to MibuWolf's and Typhoonmaster's respective 2's.

If you want to watch an exciting vote, check out Outstanding Romance Series. It's almost impossible to tell whether legendary Silent Hero in Emerald or lesser-known Moon Drops will pull out the win. At every turn, there seems to be a new frontrunner.

Who will take home the most awards? Who are you rooting for? Who are you secretly hoping will fail embarrassingly? Tell me in the comments!

White lotus tile icon Fanon Urban Dictionary

Fan Spam

noun; Excessive commenting/pestering for updates from fans that makes authors feel awkward, yet they can't say anything because it's still positive support for their fanon. *Checks email* "Read the latest comments on [insert fanon here]." "What? A comment?! For me? I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! I'm about to- oh, it's just a fan asking for updates. More Fan Spam. Man, that's a bummer! Then again, it still adds to my comment total… I am conflicted.

Awards Insanity

noun; Chronic disease that develops when you become too fixated on a rival, causing you to go psycho and pull your hair out/need a straitjacket if they so much as get 1 vote "Ah lovely, I have the pleasure of participating with an outstanding group of fellow authors like him, and her, and… oh. Him… Well that's okay. All I have to do is beat him… and do everything I can to disgrace him… and burn down his fields so I can salt the earth and make sure nothing can ever grow of them again! Ahem, it appears as though I have Awards Insanity.

Dance Parties

noun; What really occurs when members of a fanon-related user group meet on Tiny Chat to discuss something important. "All right, today's order of business is-" "oh baby when you talk like that…" "No! We are not listening to Shakira! This meeting is for-" "I'm on tonight, you know hips don't lie…" "It's imperative that we get through the agenda! We mustn't-" "Baile en la calle de noche, baile en la calle de dia…" "Aw, to heck with it! Dance Party!"

User Fanon

noun; Overexaggerated stories about Avatar Wiki users, for better or worse. Said users may become too attached to them, go crazy and forget their real identity, focusing instead on making sure the author doesn't screw up their fanon-self i.e. Drunk OR, Murderous Minnichi, Player ARG, etc. "Hey Typhoonmaster! Whatcha doing?" "Oh I'm just writing a hilarious fiction article for the WLS about the staff! "Hilarious, huh? How are you portraying us?" "Well, I said OR was a raging alcoholic who's unfocused and mentally unstable, that Minnichi plots to eliminate those who insult the Dai Li, and how ARG is a total chick magnet." "Hmph. I hate User Fanon…"


adjective; What a fanon is called when it just "happens to" be "coincidentally" almost an exact replica of an already-established fanon. "Oh my plot is a near copy of one of the most popular fanons on the wiki? How serendipitous!" "Uh huh. More like fanondipitous. If our wiki didn't tolerate plagiarism for some weird reason I'd report you."

Love the Fanon Urban Dictionary? Miss any definitions? See the complete collection here!

WLS Headquarters: Minnichi's Plot

Previously on WLS Headquarters: The staff spent a somewhat relaxing day hanging out at the beach until the shadowy KettleMeetPot and the rest of the Ba Sing Se Times Staff went and ruined it all. He challenged Minnichi's loyalty when he sneered, "You were technically an Editor for the BSST before the White Lotus Sentinel." To this, Omashu Rocks countered in a verbal spitfire of his own and demanded that his fellow Editor choose a side once and for all. Underlying tension erupted when Minnichi yelled, "Maybe I should just make my own newsletter!"

Needless to say, the staff settled down after that debacle and enjoyed a nice, sit-down dinner at Olive Garden, but all the while, those words rang in Minnichi's head. When AvatarRokusGhost offered some scrumptious garlic knots, she could only sigh in exasperation: she wasn't hungry. Endless salad, endless pasta, seemingly nothing in the world could take her mind away from the truth staring her coldly in the face. What if I created my own newsletter?

"Hey Minn," said Omashu Rocks, his mouth full of linguini, "you going to finish your breadsticks?"

She shook her head and pushed the plate away.

"Mind if I eat them?" he asked, eyes wide in anticipation.

"Not at all" she slumped back in her chair.

Omashu Rocks proceeded to inhale said breadsticks. It truly was a sight to behold. I watched in an indescribable mixture of amazement and mortification as the breadsticks disappeared into the bottomless void that was OR's stomach.

Meanwhile, the waitress approached our table. She was pretty hot, I guess. Personally, I'd give her a 7 on a scale of 10, but AvatarRokusGhost thought she was a goddess.

The entire night he wore a devilish grin. I had never seen this side of my co-worker before. "Hey Ty, do you think I should slip her my phone number on the check?" Arg whispered.

I weighed the options. Most likely, she would smirk, crumple up the check, and toss it into the nearest wastebasket, but there was the slim chance that she'd be the kind of girl willing to take risks with unknown clients at Olive Garden. I mean, if I was in her position, I'd probably pass it off as joke from some immature guys with nothing to do on a Thursday night. I hadn't really paid attention to the whole situation up until then. I had been thoroughly enchanted by the sheer amount of Italian cuisine; it was nothing short of heaven, in food form that is. Worse comes to worst, he'd never hear from her, which means he'd be at square one, right where he started: he had nothing to lose.

"Yeah, go for it," I said.

The waitress brushed her blonde hair to the side and smiled when she got to the table.

"How was everything tonight? If anyone's interested in dessert, we have white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, tiramisu, lemon cream cake, chocolate moose cake, and docini. My personal favorite is the tiramisu."

"No thank you," ARG stole a knowing glance in my direction, "could we just have the check please?"

After she left to get the check, I nudged him with my elbow "Dude, you've got her hook, line, and sinker."

As I said this, he scribbled his number at the bottom of the check, and then he asked, "Do you think I should draw a winky face or a heart or something? You know, to make it more laid back and less creepy?"

For the second time that day, I stroked my nonexistent beard. Was leaving a phone number on the check a commonplace practice?- I had no idea. To me, it seemed creepy already. What damage could a little smiley or heart do anyways? Why not shoot for the stars?

Whether or not ARG had any artistic talent was a completely different story, but luckily, during my deep contemplation, I noticed Minnichi doing nothing in particular.

I tapped her on the shoulder "Hey Minn, do you mind drawing a super cute chibi winky face on the check?"

"Purely for educational purposes," I added.

She sighed "Sorry Ty, I'm just feeling a bit tired."

From my point of view, she wasn't lying. Usually she was easy-going and happy, though eternally sleep deprived, but I could definitely see a sour look in her eyes. About what she was mad about, I had no idea, and I didn't even get a chance to ask her because with that sighing surrender, she dropped her money on the table, stood up, and pushed her chair in. "I'll see you guys at work tomorrow, I guess."

As she exited the restaurant, she could subtly hear Omashu Rocks joking, "Hey waiter, that girl in the green is trying to dine and dash!"

The warmth of day turned into a biting cold, and her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the night sky. Wordlessly, she turned the keys and ignited the engine, and then she backed out, made a slight right, and headed home.

Once home, she turned the knob of her familiar front door, and flopped on the nearest couch. The previous year, she renovated her apartment and added a few, she claimed, "necessary" renovations including green fluorescent lightbulbs and an expanded closet for her robes and rock gloves. The architect was skeptical about building a stone chamber with a revolving lamp in the basement, but she claimed her reason was "a research project."

Dark green shadows flickered against the pale walls. "Why don't I just create my own newsletter?"" the words slithered through her head.

"Who needs the White Lotus Sentinel and Ba Sing Se Times anyways? They don't even appreciate the Dai Li!" she thought out loud.

...the Dai Li...

"That's it!" she smiled maliciously as she sat up. "I'll bring down the establishment from the inside."

Carbon Monoxide: colorless, odorless, tasteless...deadly. It cannot be seen or sensed until it's too late.

The Black Mamba: it can strike in less than a second, and it's bite is always fatal. It rarely misses. The venom targets neurons and brings down the body from the inside in almost no time at all.

The Dai Li: Noiselessly, effortlessly they took Ba Sing Se overnight in a stealthy coup, completely undetected with power, precision, and efficiency.

"I have to take over the Avatar Wiki newsletters like all three combined. Nobody will see it coming! It's the perfect plot! Then...only then will the Dai Li finally get the recognition it deserves!"

Completely trapped in the moment, she half hysterically, half insanely went through the earthbending motions, establishing a strong base and imagining rocks flying to her hands like magnets to a refrigerator. Then, she twirled around and imagined the BSST and WLS Staffs standing motionless in a row like practice dummies. She created her own sound effects as she punched through her enemies with her patented rock gloves. One by one, each newsletter fell until only Minnichi was left standing.

She stood up, her heart pumping, mind racing, and she yelled at the top of her lungs, "The banners will be green and gold! Everybody will fear and, above all, respect the Dai Li! It will be a new era, an era of peace and unity! No more oppression from unjust newsletters! And I will be the Silent Hero of the Wiki!" She cackled and laughed maniacally.

The old lady living in the apartment next-door banged on the wall and shouted, "Quiet down in there! I tell you hooligans each time to stop with your shenanigans! It's past 8 o'clock, and I'm trying to get some sleep! If I hear one more rock-blast I'm calling the cops!"

Minnichi paid no attention to this. She had her heart and mind set on her plot, her coup to take over the Avatar Wiki Newsletters. If she ruled the newsletters, she could write any articles she wanted; she made the rules. Maybe an ode to Long Feng? An interview with a new Dai Li recruit? - Anything could happen. She kicked back in her dimly lit apartment and couldn't help but think of names for her newsletter.

The Dai Li Chronicles?

The Emerald News?

No-...The Laogai Inquirer

She blew out the last of the green candles, and the wisps of smoke unfurled into the blackness.

Will the waitress at Olive Garden call AvatarRokusGhost? Are the WLS Headquarters stories getting slightly insane? Will Minnichi follow through with her coup and create the Laogai Inquirer? Find out in the next installment of WLS Headquarters!


Dialogue: A Visual Comparison of Bad vs. Good

Dialogue is perhaps one of the most important aspects of fanon that I critique (if not *the* most important). Some may believe that it's not a big deal compared to visual description - but actually, dialogue is often driven by visual description. We authors have to remember that the words inside the quotations are nothing but a concept; they are the message that speakers deliver to each other, and only that.

What brings a conversation to life? Well, think of the internet. Why is it so feared for its anonymity in communication and so "mysterious"? Because we only see words! Can you tell what I look like in real life just from reading this article, for instance? Whether I'm eating ice cream or yawning and chugging coffee as I type? Probably not. So when you're telling a story, why would you give your readers only the literally spoken words of character communication? What I want to stress today is that dialogue is the last place in a fanon that you want to have vague descriptions around.

For a topic like this, I thought it'd be a good idea to show you literally how visuals are affected by dialogue description. Nothing speaks louder than pictures! (Not to mention it was a great excuse to doodle...) Our examples today will feature the WLS Staff, namely AvatarRokusGhost, Omashu Rocks, Typhoonmaster, and I. Click on the green buttons to see the 'image' that each set of dialogue gives readers!


"Dude, Shakira sucks!"

"What did you say?!"


Minnichi crossed her arms as she gazed irritably at her co-editor. "Dude, Shakira sucks!" she declared.

Omashu Rocks immediately flared up, his eyes wide with enraged surprise and his voice monstrous as if his teeth were made of daggers. "What did you say?!" he cried, shaking his fist in the air.


The two editors waved their swords in the air.

"ARG! Help me get rid of our bad headquarters music!" said Minnichi.

"No, help me fix this horrid injustice!" replied Omashu Rocks.

"Huh? Oh, that's nice," said AvatarRokusGhost.


AvatarRokusGhost sat hunched over at a table, writing his newest book carefully with a quill as the swords clanged in the background.

"ARG!" Minnichi called out, gritting her teeth. "Help me get rid of our bad headquarters music!!!"

"No, help me fix this horrid injustice!" Omashu Rocks growled in response, his blade locked against that of his co-editor's.

The fanon admin was too focused on his writing to be aware of his surroundings any longer. "Huh? Oh, that's nice," he replied dismissively.


Then Typhoonmaster said, "I'm going to use The Typhoon on you guys if you don't quit."


The two editors stopped fighting and turned towards Typhoonmaster in surprise when the air suddenly grew damp. Positioning his arms threateningly in preparation for attack, the Deputy Editor contorted his face in an uncharacteristic, deadly scowl as the howl of wind and the crash of a thousand oceans sounded behind him. "I'm going to use The Typhoon on you guys if you don't quit," he said slowly, his voice low and dangerous...


Remember that even though most fanon characters don't look like my weird scribble-pictures when you read about them, readers do see an image in their heads at all times. Always think of that image and how you're affecting it whenever you write anything, especially dialogue. If you could see the horrible things that readers envision when you have vague descriptions (refer to the green buttons), you wouldn't ever slack off on description again.

So with that in mind, I hope you guys got something out of this. Think about it whenever you're about to play out your next fanon conversation!

50px-2210886.png New Story
Agent Slash

Heyo, everybody! It's me, Agent Slash here to promote my latest story: Five Good Men.

Five Good Men is a story centered around the Council of Five and how they earned their seats on the council.

Here's a synopsis:

It is 85 AG. Commander How, the military leader of the Earth Kingdom region known as Posaan, has been captured by the Fire Nation. While in captivity, he meets four other soldiers and the five of them bond while plotting their escape. Now, it is up to them to turn the tide in this battle against the Fire Nation, save their loved ones, and achieve the highest rank an Earth Kingdom soldier can earn.

Whether this will be a shorter or longer story is undetermined.

What was my inspiration you ask? Well, I had the idea a while back, but I decided not to go through with it as I didn't have any real motivation. But I like the idea so much I've decided to publish it.

That's it, folks. If this story sounds good to you, then I'd appreciate it if you checked it out. Thanks!

50px-16445379.png What is Fiction?
Snoopy Meg

Half of this wiki is an encyclopedia for Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, and the various canonical comic books we read. The other half, I'm told, is dedicated to the creative work of fans known as fanfiction. This term struck me as rather curious when I first heard it. Here, we have a community of avid fans writing their own, made-up stories based on canon. The thought of fanfiction triggered a thought in my mind. The traditional understanding of "fiction" is something that isn't real. It's false. It's fictitious. How then, do we have fictions, which are supposed to be original, be based on characters and a world from an already-created, already-produced fictional show? I wondered.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is fiction. It involves an entirely unrealistic universe with people possessing supernature abilities that connect them to all-powerful spirits. That's fiction, but then we have an entirely new array of stories based on that world. So, are fanons superfiction? Fanons are unoriginal fictions, something that should be an oxymoron, or should it be? The "Learner's Paradox" claims that it's impossible to learn anything truly original and new because then one's mind would never be able to process it. If there was no trace of a concept in the mind, there could be no expansion of that nonexistent thought. Still, we are educated every day. Fanfiction on this wiki, or anywhere, involves what I'm going to refer to as "Fanon's Paradox."

We have countless fanons on the wiki, and they're all considered "new" and "original," yet all based on the same fictitious "reality." At first, I thought this was unusual for writing, but perhaps it isn't. Take the book, The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien. It's a "fiction" based a real war (Vietnam), real characters, and realistic conflicts that occurred during the war, yet the actual events of the story are fabricated, or at least, not entirely accurate. That qualifies the book to be a novel, a fiction. If we consider canonical Avatar material to be our "reality," then fanons aren't so different from The Things They Carried. We have stories based on "real" characters, a "real" world, and "realistic" events, but that is not all we are basing our stories off.

One thing that's clear from O'Brien's work is this: we right what we know. O'Brien was personal friends with the men he wrote about. He knew their stories, so he had something to base his work off of. We do to, and I think this occurs most often in original characters, or "OC's." My brother, Omashu Rocks, told me that one of his character's personalities is based on me, and I doubt that he's the only one to use a real person in the author's life to inspire a character. Maybe one of you're villains is strangely reminiscent of that teacher who flunked you, or perhaps love interest of your protagonist appears in your mind the same way your significant other/crush does. Maybe, you've based a character on yourself. How do I know this? Well, I'm not reading your mind. I know that you have characters based on real people because of Fanfiction's Paradox. We cannot write what we don't know or what's entirely, 100% new to us, because our minds would not be able to fathom it. Every scene you write is, in one way or another, shaped by your real life experiences. You may not have written a scene that's meant to reflect a moment in your life, and you may not have had any specific memory in mind when you wrote it, but the experiences stored in your subconscious helped you understand how the characters would feel, how they would react, and how the events of the scene would likely play out. It would be impossible for this to not be the case. Why? Fanfiction's Parodox.

So what's the point? Why I am going off about this? What I am trying to get at is this: your fanon is a reflection of yourself, those around you, your environment, and your life. If it wasn't, then we'd all write the exact same fanon because our minds wouldn't be conditioned to think any differently. Luckily for us and the sake of creativity, we all have different life experiences to help shape our subconscious, and, therefore, are able to write a diverse selection of "fiction" stories.

I hope you found this insightful.

50px-4760310.png From the Fanonbenders: Current Promotion
World Map in Quest Creator

During the history of the Avatar, there have always been people there to guide the Avatar on the right path. However, during the creation of the world, the spirits chose the Avatar to be the protector and keep balance in the nations, but there was another destined to help the Avatar in times of need. Reincarnated only in times of great need, this person is born like the Avatar to help keep balance.

That's the preamble of Midori122407's latest fanon, Avatar: Tales of the World. Reusing one of their OC's from a previous story, Avatar: Tales of the World is an interesting take on the Avatar, and how they learn the elements. It also introduces the idea that the Avatar isn't all-powerful, and that even they need help sometimes. You can find more information on this interesting fanon here, but really, just go and check it out yourself! Anyone who is interested in a mix of canon- and fanon-character stories should definitely give this a go, and those that want to read an original idea.

50px-4068251.png Review of Crossfire by Omashu Rocks
FRSimage This review was conducted by the Fanon Review Squad and reflects our best judgment. Please don't take offense if the review wasn't positive. We always give advice!

Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing Crossfire by Omashu Rocks on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

My name is Nalia, and I'm both my government's deadliest weapon and an enemy of the state. My entire life I was trained by my father, a once renowned and feared Fire Nation general, to kill any enemy without breaking a sweat, but those days are behind me. One year ago, the Fire Nation military, under the orders of our pathetically imbecilic Fire Lord Sozin, disrupted my life and destroyed everything I loved. My father was murdered point blank by the same men who captured me and my sister. I was given an option: I could either have had both of us executed along with our dad, or I could have joined the Fire Nation's most elite warriors, lethal assassins meant to terminate any member of the government or military who showed signs of opposition to The War. I chose the latter, and ever since I've been Sozin's personal attack dog.

That excerpt comes from the mind of Crossfire’s protagonist, the uncompromising Nalia. In Omashu Rocks’ latest fanon project, we get a glimpse of the underbelly of Fire Lord Sozin’s military, and it is provided via the protagonist’s narration, for good and ill. One thing’s for sure, it’s a wild ride.


Story – 9.4: This fanon is entertaining as all get out. I like the fresh plot, as well as the use of the first person viewpoint to carry the piece. Only a couple of issues stand in the way of this being a ten.

Action – 9.7: I daresay that these action scenes are Omashu’s best yet. The clear description serves to create an artistic, but deadly, atmosphere.

Writing – 9.3: Apart from some very minor grammar and spelling errors sprinkled throughout, this fanon is written incredibly well. Omashu Rocks has improved much since Avatar Brek. However, I noticed that the first person perspective leads to a lot of instances where Nalia tells the reader how she feels rather than shows them.

Creativity – 10.0: I can’t think of any conceivable reason to lower this score. The story, characters, and perspective are all fresh.

Believability – 8.5: The direction of the story, the characters, and the pacing are all believable, but one thing that was really a stumbling block for me was the language. Oh boy…is there a lot of it. I don’t mind the inclusion of language in stories, even Avatar-related ones, but this is so over the top that it distracts and detracts from the story rather than helps it along. I did notice that it becomes less of an occurrence as the chapters pass, but the early ones were hard to get through. I understand that it’s supposed to show Nalia’s harsh nature, but it got excessive quickly.

Character Development – 9.2: I wasn’t really behind the character of Nalia until the last couple of chapters, but, man, once they come around, a noticeable shift occurs. Her character growth happens believably within these chapters, and it made me care when I didn’t before.

Average Score/Final Verdict – 9.4: Crossfire is an engrossing story, but honestly, if I wasn’t reviewing it, the language would’ve turned me off before Nalia’s character truly got a chance to draw me in. I would suggest that it be toned down in the future, and it wouldn’t hurt to go back and alter the first two or three chapters just a bit. On another note, the action is incredible.

Who should read Crossfire? Anyone who is a fan of assassins and action should give this one a look. Just push through the language if it’s not your thing. Trust me, it’s worth the read.

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