Issue 19: June 27, 2013

50px-4357864.png The Downfall of Post-War Fanons
Omashu Rocks - Editor

It seems that today, a once dominating feature of the Avatar Wiki fanon portal has disappeared, or at least has been diminished severely. Our wiki was once the home of countless "post-war" fanons, stories depicting the tales of Aang and his friends after the last episode of the television series. In other words, their authors attempted to answer the question of "What happened next?" Many of our fanon titans were of the "post-war" genre, namely Avatar: Energy Saga, Avatar: Guardian, and Avatar- Aftermath and Burning Earth by AvatarRokusGhost, The Bos, and Mageddon725, respectively. These three legends are well-known and honored by anyone in the fanon community, but, like all things, they eventually came to an end. Others, like AvatarFreak21's Avatar: The World's Fate and Book Four: Energy by Vulmen. were simply abandoned, never to see another chapter. Now look around you. How many "post-war" fanons do you see? Not many.

So what's the cause of the plight of the "post-wars?" Is it that the idea of Team Avatar running around the world to stop some new threat of Ozai loyalists became old and cliche? Perhaps, but before the fallout, plenty of authors found ways to dream up different, creative plots that separated their story from the rest and made it interesting. Another possibility is that it's simply been too long since Avatar: The Last Airbender has ended. This theory may seem plausible at first, but it doesn't hold up. If we've simply become tired of the original Avatar universe, then why do we still edit its canon pages? Why are we still obsessing over the Gaang and complaining that the Krew could never be what they were? As a community, we are nothing if not nostalgic over the original series, yet the fanons regarding our favorite heroes are scarce.

Of course, the rare species of "post-war" fanfiction is not entirely extinct. I, for one, am a huge fan of Wordbender's Air, and The Adventures of Team Avatar by Agent Slash is relatively recent. Still, "post-war" stories are no longer the talk of the town, and it's not like a new brand of fanons have come to take their place. This is a curious phenomenon that I'm still trying to piece together. One moment, we had numerous stories about Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph's second journey across the Earth, and then over a period of about one month the whole idea seemed to die. Perhaps after we held AvatarRokusGhost and The Bos in such high regard, no one was brave enough to step up to the plate and try to follow in their footsteps.

I'm sure I'm not just speaking for myself when I say that it would be nice to have a good "post-war" fanon around. Who's willing to accept the challenge?

White lotus tile icon Fanon Urban Dictionary


noun; Definition varies based on which WLS staff member you ask. To OR: complaining loudly about politics and crying heartbrokenly over Lady Lostris. To Minnichi: playing Candy Crush Saga on her phone and drawing chibi pictures of her fanon characters. To Ty: gathering juicy staff secrets to reveal in the form of 'fictional' stories in every WLS issue. To ARG: playing Candy Crush Saga on Facebook and laughing maniacally whenever he refuses to send Minnichi another life. "Why is it taking a month for the WLS issue to come out?" "The staff is procrastinating again. Soon they'll start blaming each other and getting in violent battles on IRC and TinyChat.

Pre-Fanon Ambition

noun; The phase in which an author wants to dominate the entire fanon portal with his/her writing greatness and surpass even the most legendary writers. The best part is that this always happens before they actually write anything. "Hey, I have this great idea for a story, guys! Wanna see?" "Sure! ...Wow, this sounds like a really neat fanon!" "I know it does... It will be a magnificent fanon indeed...kukuku..." (A week later in the WLS) "Hey guys, subscribe now to the most legendary story ever! It'll be even better than Energy Saga - yeah that's right, I went there! MWAHAHA!" (A month later) "So you know that awesome fanon idea I had? It's going to be -" "OH MY GAWD, just publish a chapter already!!! How can all your pre-fanon ambitions be fulfilled if no one can read a darn thing?" "Oh... Okay, then. But wait, just let me put out one more advertisement -" "GAH!" *Facepalm*

Love the Fanon Urban Dictionary? Miss any definitions? See the complete collection here!


Tidbits & Announcements/Fire and Ice is Here

Hello folks of Avatar Wiki! Yes, its me, BlackMonkey. I know that I've been saying I'm gonna return for about a month now, but now I can truly say that I am officially back on Avatar Wiki for the summer! Woo! And I come bearing gifts. One gift, actually - my second fanon, Fire & Ice, which has officially started up with its first chapter. I've taken all of my ideas that didn't make the cut for Rhythm and improved on Rhythm's downsides. That means no more giant blocks of text or three month waits between chapters. Sounds like a pretty nice deal, eh? Just you wait.

Fire & Ice will consist of twelve chapters which I already have more or less planned out. The story will center around a troubled life of a soldier for the Southern Raiders named Kiharu who has a giant secret and burden - he's really a waterbender. Forced to battle undercover for the Fire Nation to keep his tribe in the South Pole from harm, there is both physical and mental pain that will drag him down to the deepest darks of insanity. To live hating his own people. To kill his own brethren. When does pain become so torturous that even saving people we love doesn't matter? Kiharu will have to live though intense moral conflicts while he fights on the battlefield in Fire & Ice through an action packed story filled with twists and jaw dropping moments galore.

I hope you guys are interested in giving it a look. There's only one chapter out so far, so checking things out isn't a very big commitment. Thanks a bunch.

Again, here's a link to the main page and this is the first chapter.

A couple other fanon tidbits and announcements:

Please, please, please leave a vote or even a nomination for the monthly featured fanon and article election! I don't know if people forget or just don't feel like it, but its kinda depressing when we don't have a featured article or story of the month, month after month. All it takes is a minute to leave a support under one of the nominations. And if you don't like the nominations, make your own. We need participation and let's leave it at that.

Fifth Fanon awards coming up in a month or two, pretty awesome stuff. Both of my stories will qualify for these awards, so I'm pretty excited for that. Hopefully by then Nick will have Korra Season 2 started up so we'll have some more users attracted to the wiki to vote. Summer is usually more active than the rest of the year anyway though, so either way I have faith.

As for my plans aside from Fire & Ice, I don't want to get too busy but I do plan on doing more work for the White Lotus Sentinel. I am planning another comedic mini-fanon of sorts that I might put in upcoming issues, but I'm not exactly sure if I'll go through with the idea right now so I'm not calling any shots. If you do happen to see a crazy column of mine in the next issue though, well, don't say I didn't warn you.

BlackMonkey, signing out.

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50px-5019858.png WLS Headquarters: Lady Lostris
Typhoonmaster - Deputy Editor

Minnichi, AvatarRokusGhost, Omashu Rocks, and I sat at our rich, mahogany meeting table. The fact that our office even had a separate meeting room seemed a bit unnecessary, considering we were the only staff. An opened box of munchkins sat in the middle of the table, and all of the chocolate ones were gone: tensions were high. 

ARG wiped the white powder off his mustache, "Can we just make a decision already? We've been arguing for hours!" 

"Please. I have FRS duties, and Fanon Illustrator Insignia duties, and Fanonbender duties, and BSST duties, and writing my fanon duties, and dealing-with-stalker duties, and last but not least, college student duties," said Minnichi. "Let's just get this done." 

"You people would never last in politics. Basically, what happens in government is 99% arguing and 1% getting stuff done," said Omashu Rocks. 

"What are we deciding exactly?" I asked. For the past two hours, I had been preoccupied with my swivel chair. There was a button on the bottom and whenever I pressed it the seat went down. It was exhilarating. 

"We are deciding what kind of system we should use to cut back on time-wasting," said ARG. 

"Personally, I think it's a big waste of time," Omashu Rocks kicked back in his chair.

"But it's necessary." Minnichi flipped the light switch and turned on a projector. "As you can see from this graph, our output is way down. The data correlates directly to the increase in wasted time." 

"Our competition is doing worse, though. Have you seen how much time the Ba Sing Se Times has wasted over the past few months?" asked Omashu Rocks. 

"That's only because there hasn't been any new material until recently," ARG pointed out. "What are our options?"

"While all of you were wasting time, I came up with the perfect solution!" exclaimed Minnichi. "We need someone to keep us on track, kind of like an overseer." 

"Great idea, Minn. But sorry I have to go, guys. I have an awesome party to go to tonight. There's going to be really hot girls there and music and stuff. So I'm going to take many pictures of myself with said hot girls......because I have friends of the female gender who are considered to be attractive by the general teenage consensus," said Omashu Rocks as he began to gather his things. 

"Oh, that's a shame. Then you won't get to meet our new advisor," said Minnichi. 

Omashu Rocks barely left the room before Minnichi said, "I'll tell Lady Lostris the reason for your absence."  heavier The WLS Editor fiddled with the doorknob nearly broke the door when he tried to push through. He finally realized he had to pull the door to open it. His hair was messy and his breathing was heavier when he returned to the meeting room. 

"You said Lady Lostris?" 

"Yup. She'll be here really soon. She just texted me that she's on her way." 

Omashu Rocks gasped, "How do I look? Is my tie messed up? Do I have donut crumbs on my shirt? Please tell me I don't have pit stains." 

ARG whispered and showed me his iPhone underneath the table, "Ty, check out my new high-score in Fruit Ninja." 

It was a solid score. I was impressed. 

"Sheesh. You look fine, I guess. What's the big deal?" Minn rolled her eyes. 

"Lady Lostris is on her way over here. Screw teenage parties! There will be a potentially gorgeous Belgian woman in this room within a half hour. I have to make a good first impression!" said Omashu Rocks. 

"She's coming to council us, so stop wasting time. What you're doing is the opposite of this entire system. The fact that you are going to hit on her is the biggest waste of time so far!" Minnichi laughed. 

Omashu Rocks slicked back his hair. "We'll see. My pickup lines never fail. That and the ladies love a Southern gentleman."

In my mind, I knew OR had no shot. I just didn't have the heart to tell him. 

Lady Lostris entered the meeting room about fifteen minutes later. She wore a corporate suit, and her fiery hair was tied back. She was obviously ready for business. 

She clicked open her briefcase, removed four manila folders, and handed one to each staff member. 

She opened her mouth to speak, but Omashu Rocks cut her off. "Global Warming is a myth! You're the one making this place so hot!"

"I'm sorry, but does that have anything to do with - "

"You should practice your right to BARE arms."

"And you should practice your right not to speak. Okay? Okay, moving on. If you'll look at page tw-"

"You're a 10(th Amendment)," Omashu Rocks waited for her to laugh, "Ok that one isn't the best one, but I have more! Don't worry!" 

"I'm sorry Lostris, but he's under the impression that -" Minnichi started but was interrupted.

Omashu Rocks slapped Lostris's butt. 

At that point, Lostris's hair broke the band holding it back and flared up. "Touch me again, and I'll break your teeny tiny fingers. So before you dip further into your shallow pool of wit, let me paint us a picture and save us both the trouble of having to listen to you. Here's the rest of your day: You are going to shut up, listen, and learn. After I leave, you will slink off to your buddies, head to a bar where you'll laugh this off and get wasted. Then, when you go to bed and make nice with yourself, you won't be thinking of me because even your fantasy version of me isn't interested. Now, on page tw-"

"Sorry, that was preemptive strike." The politician smirked. He saw his opportunity beginning to slip away, however, so he tried one last ditch effort. "Are you a trickle-down economics plan?" 

Lostris clenched the binder, a small trail of smoke escaping between her fingers. "What?"

"Because you're stimulating growth in my private sector." 

The binder incinerated into a pile of ash, "Okay, that's it. Minn, ARG, Ty, I'm sorry, I can't do this. I'm gonna go, and I'm gonna go now," said Lostris with forced calm as she began packing up the remainder of her things.

Lostris never responded to the final pickup line. I personally thought a couple of them were pretty clever, although, judging by the results, I decided not to try them any time soon. Instead, the Admin took out her cell phone and dialed a number.

"Hey Thailog." 

"Yeah, I'm going to be home earlier than expected." 

50px-5047861.png Fanon Review: Fate's Cold Hands by Omashu Rocks and Agent Slash
Minnichi - Editor

Today, I have the pleasure of presenting you a work from our very own Mr. Rocks, my WLS co-editor. He and Agent Slash have crafted a fine tale for me to review at 2am in the morning. I hardly even noticed the time! Definitely something for you guys to read when you get the chance.

Fates Cold Hands

Long before the Equalist Revolution, The Hundred Year War, Chin the Conqueror, or the Rise of Koh, a boy and a girl were born twins in the Northern Water Tribe. Little did their parents know that fate had played a terrible trick on them. The day the twins turn sixteen, the Order of the White Lotus confirms that both twins were born as the Avatar and that both the physical and spiritual worlds were unbalanced. Their leader, Yansu, decides that both Kembar and Kiama must master the four elements individually and then fight to the death while in the Avatar State to determine which should remain. Now, both teenagers must travel to the four nations, in opposite orders, and make allies as well as enemies, and in a time of chaos in the world, one might just die ahead of schedule.

Just from the story summary, anyone can tell that this fanon's going to be interesting. It's the kind of setup that you know can't disappoint. Twins? Both Avatars? Fighting to the death? We just have to know what'll happen to them!

The Scores

  • Plot - 8.5: I thought that this story had a very wonderful premise. Right from the start you can tell where the story's headed, yet it still retains the element of surprise. I think that some plot areas were a little underdeveloped, however, and came across as rushed. The establishment of the twins' relationship at the beginning, for instance, is very critical to the story and ended a little too quickly in my opinion. The main conflict of the story is the upcoming battle between the two Avatars, but the antagonists that each sibling encounter along the way should have more development, too. I think that the journeys of your two protagonists would just feel more complete if you stop to elaborate more along the way. Big things happen too quickly, and this can make the story feel more general to readers.
  • Organization - 8.8: As I said earlier, the pace is a little fast in this fanon. It almost gives the vibe that the story revolves more action action scenes and kind of speeds things along to reach them faster. It's not that I ever got confused reading the chapters, but it just feels like a lot of things are skipped over in the midst of the rushing. I believe that not enough time is spent for character interaction at the moment, and it may help the authors to ensure that the majority of said interaction doesn't just take place during battle or training. The deduction here is really because of that slight imbalance I see.
  • Creativity – 8.9: The idea of two Avatars being twins and having to fight to the death later in life is definitely one of the most creative I've seen. Introducing that right from the start gives the story a very powerful driving force that makes one curious about the ending. Creativity in this fanon definitely isn't lacking in the plot. The deduction in this area has more to do with the characters. The various villains the two siblings come across along the way have pretty common motives and slightly stereotypical ways of speaking. I would suggest that the authors work on developing those guys to be as unique as the story's premise, so that the fanon overall can really make even more of an impact. Ensuring that every aspect of a story reflects the same originality is what establishes that "wow" factor for creativity in one's fanon.
  • Writing – 8.7 (x3): Pretty solid writing overall. I'm impressed! There's just a little issue with the way descriptions are handled, though, that I'd like to point out. The first one that comes to mind is the emotional detail; I'd like to see this elaboration go beyond the 'name' of each emotion. Especially during powerful scenes such as the parting of the two twins. There's just so much more to what a character can feel other than his/her dialogue and "tears on his/her face." What we have so far is great, but I believe that the authors just need that last little bit of detail that completes the emotion. For instance - when one faces a tragedy or bad news, it often goes beyond their tone and feels like it consumes their entire being. Sometimes the world starts spinning, and other times there's an underlying reason for the changed tone, such as your throat going dry or choking too much in your efforts not to cry. Things like that. I think that the emotional description is just lacking a bit in the physical aspect, and in addition those scenes feel like they should last longer than they are currently. This issue also affects some areas outside of emotion, though, and I believe it's the same "naming" tactic that I've seen in several fanons. In general, I always find it a better idea to avoid simple 'vocabulary' whenever it involves someone's appearance. Aside from emotion, things like feeling pain, dying, and even being beautiful will require "showing" to the reader. It ensures that what they see is exactly what you see; it truly establishes the visuals of the story. If you just stop at the vocabulary word itself, the mental 'image' for every reader may vary and come across as vague. These are just nit-picky details about the writing, though, as OR and Slash haven't left me much to criticize. Nice job, guys!
  • Character Development - 6.8 (x2): The various things I deducted for in the other sections all affect this area the most. Without enough elaboration for things like character interaction and emotions, the development can really suffer. Going back to the interaction between the twins, there were many moments in which I felt like their relationship could've been handled better. Throughout the story, for one, I would be expecting them to be thinking of each other much more than they currently are. They seem to separate into their separate lives a little too easily for siblings that love one another. Also, I wouldn't have expected them to part as quickly as they did. They had just found out that they were the Avatars and never received a proper explanation of why fighting to the death was necessary, so it didn't seem natural to me that they would stop opposing their fates that easily. And most of all, I wouldn't have expected them to already develop desires to beat one another. Just in my opinion, siblings that close would more likely try every possibility of avoiding a fate like that before giving in, and if anything would wish for each other's wellbeing before their own. Aside from the twins, though, the various villains should definitely have more development. At the moment we know nothing of their origins, they kind of appear out of nowhere, and they still need something to identify them other than their protagonist-harassing. Finally, the love interests that each protagonist encounters currently have very limited physical descriptions. More importantly than that, I'd like to hear more about why each crush develops and why it's possible to be mutual; things progress sort of conveniently right now. Each minor character still needs a distinct set of traits that establishes their special place in the story, from their personality to their appearance. I can see a very solid setup right now, but these things will just help your characters and their relationships feel more natural to readers.
  • Action - 7.5: I did take note of the great visuals in the battle scenes, which thankfully do not rely on vague terms like "s/he (insert element)bended" at all. It's hard to describe this, but I think the main issue with the action scenes is that things just tend to...happen. Thinking about it more deeply, I believe that it's caused by too many action scenes being fit into too little space. If you can limit the amount of fights that take place within one time period, it gives you a lot more room to elaborate without dragging the story down. I can see that each battle serves an important purpose, but it's because they're happening too close to one another that major events fly by very quickly and lose their dramatic impact. Sometimes it can be a good idea to stop and think about all the things that can go on at once when something major happens. For instance, when Kembar witnesses Jiyu nearly killing a man, "watching him choke to death in shock" might just be an understatement. A person in that situation doesn't just choke, they're suffocating and probably writhing around, perhaps with bloodshot eyes gurgling noises as they gasp feebly for air - er well, you get the point. As for the person watching, it's not just shock, it's horror - can Kembar really believe that a peaceful Air Nomad would put someone through such a thing? Has he ever seen someone tormented so badly before? And if that happened to be a possible way to kill his sister, would he really be able to bring himself to do it? So with a lack of this kind of detail, I believe that the action scenes in this fanon don't fully capture the mood of each event yet. What brings an action scene to life is not so much the visuals themselves, but how they impact your characters. But on the note of characters, I'd also suggest less 'narration' from those who are fighting. This is mainly for those moments the villains describe how "we're going to bomb so and so, and then the citizens will be terrorized and respect us, etc." I'm not saying you should remove dialogue altogether, but it'd help to make it more subtle. Overall I feel like you should balance the speech to reflect the actual battle more, and try to let visuals speak for themselves. This is also why it's important to portray emotions with physical description, as it saves you a lot of 'narrating' dialogue during action scenes and makes things much more engaging.
  • Believability – 7.0: Everything I said about the twins' behavior towards their fate applies here as well. They just handle things a little unnaturally for close siblings, and I'd like to see more explanation for that if not more elaboration. Also, a drastic idea like two Avatars will require a lot of convincing. I get that the authors probably don't want to reveal too much, but as of now the readers are given no reasons that would make the concept believable. Even that past Avatars that meet the protagonists from time to time don't say much, and it's starting to cross the line between mysterious and unrealistic. This is a fanon, meaning that I consider any and every kind of 'universe' fair game, but I just feel like this particular idea is still missing the stuff to back it up. It's a great concept to work with, but I suggest taking more measures to ensure that your readers completely understand why it's possible before you move on.

Overall Score: 8.04

My advice for Omashu Rocks and Agent Slash: Really delve into those character interactions and try to incorporate them into your action scenes as well. This story will do wonderfully with the extra elaboration!

Who should read Fate's Cold Hands? Any fan of Avatar looking for a unique story with plenty of riveting battles!

50px-4982021.png Soil and Flames

After recently discontinuing my fanon, Avatar: The Sole Woodbender, due to lack of inspiration and motivation, I have started up a new fanon.

Avatar: Soil and Flames is a story about a Northern Tribe waterbender named Kuak. While traveling the Fire Nation, he witnesses a young girl being kidnapped. With the help of the girl's pacifist brother, a temperamental airbender, a mysterious girl, and a saber-tooth moose lion that acts like a cat, Kuak must set off to save the girl. However, it turns into something much, much more and soon the group is thrust into a war between soil and flames.

If you are wondering why I started a new fanon, it's simply beacuse I was growing bored, and I had no more inspiration for ATSW. I decided to stop writing it and try and come up with another idea for a fanon. Surprisingly, this one hit me just a day or so after, and I really like the idea. I think it's pretty unique and I'm excited to be writing it. 

So, I hope it sounds good to you, and I'd really appreciate it if you went over and checked it out or put your name down for a subscription. Thanks!

50px-5299294.png Avatar: Tales of the World

Hey Avatar Wiki, it's Midori122407 coming out with a new fanon unlike my previous ones. The same characters are involved, but a whole new universe and story are coming at you. My last fanon, Avatar Adventures, is still going to come back but not for a while. Avatar Adventures was the starting point, but I spent time with all of my friends that love Avatar as much as I do, and I came up with a whole new idea for a fanon.

After taking a four-month break to focus on school, I’m coming back to the wikia with hopes of impressing you all with the idea of a new being called the Spirit Leader, a person who is reborn like the avatar, but can be born into any nation. Now I don’t want to give too much away but I will tell you this if you’re going to read, read the home page then you can find out more about the spirit.

So what am I doing this summer you may ask. Well I’m going to help people with their fanons as much as possible, but I’m going to create my own fanon as well. While I want to help others, I’m always looking for help with my current fanons and any ideas anyone may have for their own. I digress. let’s get back to what the story is and how I came to it. The story is Avatar Tales of the World, literally meaning tales that will take place around the world, While originally I was just going to do a story about the lineage of the avatar and how Korra makes her way to find out about her lineage, I came up with the idea of another being the Spirit Leader. While studying in between my three English classes this spring semester, I came to understand that a story is not complete unless you plan it out even more, with detail, and that’s what I did I came up with character plots and even wrote out all of book one and edited it for what seemed like an eternity. This series will have five books and maybe a sixth if it goes well.

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but I will tell you this: the teenaged airbender named June will face many challenges while standing by his best friend, Avatar Korra. The two will search for the one called the Spirit Leader and will face many obstacles as well as personal problems and decisions in the series, and both Korra and the Spirit Leader will learn about their lineage and how they came to be.

Avatar: Tales of the World is already begun and has some chapters up. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, and Book 1 should be done within the next month.

And that’s all there is to my fanon, thanks.

50px-3327121.png Fanonbenders User Group
AvatarRokusGhost - Deputy Editor

Calling all friends of Avatar Wiki and it’s fanon portal - the Fanonbenders are currently on the lookout for new members! Not to be confused with the Fanonbending ranking system, the Fanonbenders user group dedicates itself to improving the quality of fanon story pages and articles, as well as updating the pages central to the portal’s existence. Originally, it was started by Rassilon of Old as a possible alternative to moving fanon articles to userspace. Even though we still move pages to userspace when need be, the Fanonbenders are here to help new users and writers by editing and revising recently-posted articles as well as correcting relevant templates and formats. And by helping so many new articles, the users themselves and the fanon portal in general are helped as well.

Another important role played by the Fanonbenders is keeping an eye on relevant pages that require updates like the advertisement system, featured fanon series and article nominations, the fanonbending page and the fanon main page itself. And by keeping an eye on these pages, you may become more familiar with everything in the portal yourself through practice. Anyone with the activity and desire to perform these duties on a regular basis is welcome to submit their application for membership here.

Fanontastic Polls

What's your next fanon going to be about?

The poll was created at 01:36 on June 28, 2013, and so far 41 people voted.
Do you have award ambitions when you start off a fanon?

The poll was created at 01:36 on June 28, 2013, and so far 34 people voted.

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