Do you need to attract more readers to your fanon? It's ok to admit it. Some really exceptional fanons can remain unnoticed for a while. If you write one of those fanons. This blog may be your saving grace!

Here is your chance to advertise. In a comment, add a link to your fanon, a 1-2 sentence summary, and a 2-3 sentence explanation of what kind of readers would like your fanon and why.

If you don't want more readers, you can go right ahead to the next blogpost, but if you actually want to be noticed for your work, post here!

Other than advertising on this blog, maybe you can go through your chapters 2-3 times checking for gramatical errors and replacing boring words by using a thesaurus. You can also try creating character/event/organization pages.

P.S. Any talented artists who need something to do? Boy, do I have a job for you… feel free to message me if you're up to the task. Although, it's a bit ridiculous to ask people to draw for my own fanon...

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