Writing blogs and/or newsletter articles about one's own fanon seems to be all the rage these days, and while some may look down upon it, I see no problem in trying to snag a few extra readers who may not otherwise be aware of your story.

So here I am, telling y'all about my new project, Crossfire. It follows a nineteen year-old Fire National girl named Nalia on her quest to free her sister and avenge her father.

My name is Nalia, and I'm both my government's deadliest weapon and an enemy of the state. My entire life I was trained by my father, a once renowned and feared Fire Nation general, to kill any enemy without breaking a sweat, but those days are behind me. One year ago, the Fire Nation military, under the orders of our pathetically imbecilic Fire Lord Sozin, disrupted my life and destroyed everything I loved. My father was murdered point blank by the same men who captured me and my sister. I was given option: I could either have had both of us executed along with our dad, or I could have joined the Fire Nation's most elite warriors, lethal assassins meant to terminate any member of the government or military who showed signs of opposition to The War. I chose the latter, and ever since I've been Sozin's personal attack dog, silently taking out anyone he felt posed a threat to his ambitions, enemies both foreign and domestic. While I was running around the world shedding blood and taking lives, my sister remained imprisoned to remind me what I would lose if I were to disobey. If I ever wanted to see freedom again, I had to earn it one body at a time. My ultimate goal: to make Sozin regret the day he made me an orphan. It's simple. He shaped my life, so I'll end his. Do not judge me for what I have done. If you wouldn't do the same things to protect your sister and avenge your father, then you owe them an apology.

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