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Omashu Rocks here with another installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! Firstly, I'd like to apologize to Azulazulazula for the lateness of this review. It appears as if I had my dates wrong. Anyway, I will be reviewing his fanon, Rebel.

Author's Plot: The series centers around a young man (16 years of age) who was once imprisoned in Ba Sing Se. However, he breaks free of his imprisonment, and is determined to break free of his mental chains (Ba Sing Se). So, he runs away from the city, and tries to find a new place to live. Alone. And along the way, he encounters many adventures.

One thing that's different about this fanon is the writing style. It is not similar to the ones common around the wiki in which a story is told in the standard fashion, but it is written in a more poetic style. For those who may be unsure about this aspect, I promise that it only improves the story.


Plot/Storyline: Readers will have a good feel for the plot (which is quite unique and captivating) from the very first chapter. The story also unfolds at an appropriate pace. 9.2
Organization: My only critique here is that the chapters are extremely short, although some are longer than others. 9.2
Creativity: Obviously, the new style of writing really helps in this category, and the cool concurrence of some chapters with events in A:TLA is a nice touch as well. 9.3
Action: Being more of a poem than an action packed novel, there was more action than I expected, although a fight-thirsty reader may be a bit disappointed. 8.9
Interest Level: The very first chapter does a nice job in reeling in fans, and with each chapter there is a new reason t read the next. 9.3
Character Development: The way Jong's emotions are revealed and his relationships with other characters, notably Partida, are stunning. 9.5
Believability: Some events in the story seem to progress slightly faster than probable, and Jong sure does get lucky every now and then, but I was not extremely upset in this category. 9.1
General Writing: As I've stated several times in this review, the unique writing style is executed near perfectly. 9.5

Average Score: 9.3
Note:All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What Azulazulazula does right: The writing is stunning and near perfection. Never before have I read a fanon of this poetic style on the wiki, and Rebel is certainly more entertaining than poems one might read in Literature class. In fact, I would suggest this fanon for a Literature class.

What Azulazulazula could improve on: The author has been improving in the amount of content in each chapter, but I would suggest making them even larger and with more meat, if you will. I also suggest including, if not more action, then more interesting action where you include it. It never hurts to throw in one or two grandiose fight scenes in a story, especially if described well.

Who does Rebel to? Obviously, fans of poems will enjoy this read, but it is also a good fit for users looking for a new tale of how a destined relationship can develop at the right pace, with plenty of obstacles in the way. Those who find expansion series entertaining will also enjoy Rebel, as it is focused on the progress of one central character.

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