Welcome to the editing room for Our Story Here, we all have the opportunity to write for the first ever fanon open to ALL writers. This is a fanon where anyone can write a paragraph for the chapter that is currently being written.
Hama's village


The production is simple. I, Omashu Rocks, will post a comment saying the chapter # and title. ANYONE can post paragraph that can be added to that chapter. If multiple writers do not have a chance to write for a paragraph due to lack of room, and declare that they want to, I will post a comment for an alternative version of the chapter. Also, you must indicate whose chapter you are continuing by writing "+<user>" before your paragraph. You may use this to skip one other paragraph if you don't feel that it is good. The best shall be added to the fanon.

Example of format: (instead of paragraphs, I used sentences):

"Chapter 1-Chuck Norris is cool"

"Today, Avatar 1234 found out he had really cool powers…"-User1

"+user1 He found out he can bend all elements…"-User2

"+User 2 The elements are water, earth, fire, and air."-User 3.

"+User 3 He levitated the rock".-User 4.

The paragraph MUST be posted as a reply!

Get it? Remember to write well!(Have a thesaurus handy!)

Basic Rules and Guidelines

1.Make your paragraph REVELANT to the previous comment and the chapter! If the previous comment is either inappropriate, irrelevant, or obviously ruining other users' ideas, ignore it by saying "ignore <user>" before writing your paragraph

2.Each chapter will go from 7-10 decent paragraphs. (see: decent below)

3.A decent paragraph is no less than 6 lines, and no greater than 17 lines. Try to keep your paragraph within this range so everyone gets a chance to participate.

4.When writing a conversation, you do NOT have to put a space in between quotes like you do in normal fanons. Example: "Hey Katara,"said Aang. "Hi Aang," said Katara. -Thats Fine

5.If you notice a spelling or grammar mistake/have an idea for better wording, message me in my talk and I'll fix it.

6.Once you submit a paragraph, please do not edit it. This can through off future writers.

7.When writing as a continuation of someone's paragraph, write +<user> to identiy whom. This way, if two writers write a paragraph at the same time, we can sort out where things belong. You may use this to challenge another writer's paragraph, and the best will be added.


1 AG
Avatar Roku has been dead for twelve years. The next Avatar died with the rest of the Air Nomads when Fire Lord Sozin destroyed each of the Air Temples by harnessing the energy of a powerful comet Now, the Fire Nation military has begun drafting. Most of the men of the small village of Sakiya have been deployed to Earth Kingdom to fight in a war they do not believe in. The drafting has left Sakiya without leadership, without hunters, and without protection. The town's elder, Munni, has stepped up to a leadership role. He tries to keep the peace of Sakiya in tact despite of new treats like the Thieves of the West. With Admiral Ji Qing constantly disrupting the tranquility of Sakiya, and Firelord Sozin engaging the world in the worst conflict in history, the town of Sakiya finds itself in the middle of chaos.

Anything Else?

If you have questions, post on my talk page or BlackMonkey's talk page.

MAKE ALL CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE FANON ON THIS BLOGPOST!!! I will handle the actual formation of the fanon.

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