Omashu Rocks here with some good news for eager fanon lovers out there! As you may know, one of the Fanon Review Squad's members, Theavatardemotivator has left, leaving just one spot open to join the team. We will be excepting applications from anyone on the wiki, and if you think you want to try out, make sure you fit the description of an ideal FRS member.

  • Has enough time to read the fanons thoroughly and write reviews according to a tight schedule
  • Willing to give on honest reivew, lacking any bias due to a personal relationship with the fanon author
  • Able to offer helpful advice as well as constructive criticism
  • Can bring something new to the team such as a good idea for reviews structure, etc.

We ask that the applicants write a test review for Avatar: Energy Saga as our first applicant already has, and we wish to judge each review with a constant fanon. Thanks and good luck!

-Sincerely, Omashu Rocks, BlackMonkey, Mageddon725, and Azulazulazula of the Fanon Review Squad

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