Omashu Rocks here with a Test review for the Fanon Review Squad's open position. The following is a test and while not conducted by the Fanon Review Squad, is still accurate.

Being my first fanon analysis, I would like to introduce readers to my reviewing style. To put it simply, there are 8 categories in which each story will be evaluated, and the way to determine their scores varies slightly. In each category, fanons will start with a 10/10 and can lose or gain points the following ways:

Plot/Storyline: Is the plot substantial? How strong are the central points, and how often does the author focus on them? In this category, the story is judged as a whole.
Organization: Do events flow nicely? Are chapters confusing? Is it clear that the author plans ahead? In this category, points are easily deducted for disorganization or confusion.
Creativity: Have readers seen this before? Are there plenty of new concepts? In this category, points will be rewarded for new/interesting concepts such as people, weapons, foods, and places but deducted for lack thereof.
Action: Is there enough? How are battles described? Are there new fighting techniques? Do battles generally have the same end result? In this category, each chapter is scored individually, ultimately working towards an average score for the category.
Interest Level: Will readers want to continue? Is the story suspenseful? Do chapters occasionally end in cliffhangers? In this category, each chapter is scored individually, ultimately working towards an average score for the category.
Character Development: Will readers feel for the characters? Do they gain access to the characters' inner thoughts, pasts, or emotions? In this category, the story is judged as a whole.
Believability: Are conflicts resolved too easily? Are characters surviving impossibly too often? In this category, points are deducted if too many incredulous events occur.
General Writing: Are there mistakes in spelling or grammar? Does the author use an advanced vocabulary? In this category, points are deducted for grammar mistakes but added for exceptional vocabulary and vivid descriptions.

Below lies the review, an evaluation with the purposes of offering a fair and accurate analysis for readers as well as aiding Firebender896 in her writing.

Rokan Poster Slogan

In my first installment the FRS: The Omashu Scoop I will be reviewing Avatar: The Legend of Rokan by Firebender896

The Fanon focuses on a Fire Nation girl named Rokan. Having recently lost her parents and brother in a terrible fire, Rokan has taken on a cover name and personality; a cold, mysterious character who takes the name of Zoai. The Legend of Rokan begins in the outer villages of the Earth Kingdom. Rokan (under the guise of Zoai) is slowly making her way through the Kingdom, for lack of anything better to do. However, she is making enemies quickly. Little can be forseen of her future; Rokan is hard pressed to make it through a single day without her life being threatened…

I would like to start by addressing the strongest point of this story: Firebender's ability to bring characters to life and to draw fans' emotions into their reading. Because of the remarkable description of scenery, thoughts, memories, and dreams, I can only offer praise for the incredible talent Firebender has with developing her creation.

Plot/Storyline: A somewhat undefined plot is quickly shaped into a fascinating tale of a girl who needs to find her place in the world. 9.3
Organization: Very short chapters progress into ones of an ideal length, and I was never confused at any point. 9.5
Creativity: While some of Rokan's obstacles are similar to those found in A:TLA, Firebender's noteworthy illustration helps separate her fanon from the others on the wiki. 9.3
Action: Little action occurs in the beginning, but it consistently increases in frequency and quality as the story unfolds. 9.0
Interest Level: Whether through excellently described memories or Rokan's brilliant attitude, the fanon can easily hold readers' interest. 9.6
Character Development: Ingenious hints to Rokan's past and examples of her feisty attitude are sprinkled throughout the beginning, and chapters like Someone Else's Memories and The Crippled Healer, Part 2: Breaking the Barrier will cast a spell on any reader with a heart. 9.6
Believability: There are no major events that seem impossible, but Rokan does escape a few conflicts too easily. 9.1
General Writing: Mistakes in grammar or spelling were an extreme rarity, and Firebender's vivid descriptions make up for any grammatical error. 9.5

Average Score: 9.4
Note: All scores are out of ten.

What Firebender does right: Descriptions. Firebender possesses a unique ability to paint a picture in her readers' minds for just about anything, whether it's scenery, memories, dreams, expressions, battles, or clothing. This matched with the steady yet powerful development of her characters, mainly Rokan, makes her one of the most gifted authors on the wiki. Expect to be taken on an emotional journey when reading this legend.

What Firebender could improve on: The only things that come to mind here are that the author could increase the amount of action in her story and possibly add a few more fascinating concepts that were not seen in A:TLA or other fanons. While battles and fight scenes are described superbly as mentioned above, the frequency and duration of these battles should increase. Firebender may want to introduce a new villain, weapon, or location that is unlike anything a reader could be expecting.

Who does Avatar: The Legend of Rokan appeal to? Anyone who is thirsty for an excellently written tale of a girl who wants to find her place in the world, determined to help others. Any reader who would be interested in a story full of emotional memories and thoughts, as well as a headstrong protagonist, will love what may easily become legendary on the wiki.

Would I suggest this fanon to a friend? Most certainly!
Would I go out of my way to read this fanon? Probably
Will I continue to read when more chapters are posted? Absolutely

I'd like to add a new feature, whether it affects the members' decision or not. I want you to give me a review by rating this evaluation between 1 and 5. (1 being poor, 5 being great)

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