We have a few hints or leaks about Book 2 of The Legend of Korra every now and then, but other than that this is a generally boring time for the fandom and therefore a rather inactive time on the Wiki. To cure us of our ennui (fancy word for boredom), I have decided to hose a second comedy writing contest, one that will be somewhat similar to the first one.

Like last time, contestants will write a one-shot comedy piece about the Avatar world including characters from either A:TLA, LOK, or both. The only thing that matters is the funny-ness of the fanon. Action, romance, poetry, beautiful detail, etc. are not important. Also, there is no minimum or maximum length.

Since it is very challenging to pull a genius comedy plot out of nowhere, I have decided that a few aspects of your piece will be decided by your username and other personal factors. See GUIDELINES below for details.



On your profile page, in your personal information just under your username, you can find the month in which you joined the wiki. Take that month and use it to determine your two options for the main character.

January - Sokka or Bolin
February - Aang or Tenzin
March - Katara or Korra
April - Toph or Lin
May - Zuko or Mako br> June - Azula or Tarrlok
July - Iroh or Hiroshi
August - Ozai or Amon
September - Long Feng or Lieutenant
October - Joo Dee or Council Paige (sucks to be you)
November - Yue or Asami
December - Roku/Kyoshi or Meelo/Jinora/Ikki
Example: I joined in August, so my main character would either be Ozai or Amon.

  • NOTE: This list only determines your main character. You can include whatever other characters you want even if their from a different show. You can also have the characters be whatever age you want. I don't care how far you stray from canon, in fact, I encourage it. Use your creativity.


For this, you can either use the first or last letter in your username.

a,b,c : Ba Sing Se
d,e,f: Republic City
g,h,i: Omashu
j,k,l: Northern Water Tribe
m,n,o: Fire Nation Capital
p,q,r: Air Temple (any)
s,t,u: Ember Island
v,w,x: Southern Water Tribe
y,z: Spirit World
example: My name is Omashu Rocks, so I can pick either "o" or "s." Therefore, the primary location of my fanon is either the Fire Nation Capital or Ember Island.

Note: The location doesn't have to be like it was in the time period we saw it in the show. It could be a futuristic Ba Sing Se or Republic City just as it was being built.


  • The conflict/plot is entirely up to you.
  • I don't care if you team up with someone, but the main character/location has to be determined by using only one writer's information.
  • You can make your entry as a blog or a fanon article.
  • The deadline is May 16!


  • 1 point for every time I smile and think "Hah, that's pretty funny."
  • 2 points for every time I actually laugh or chuckle.
  • 3 points for every time I crack up or clap or really think it's funny.
  • 4 points if you make me cry.
  • I will then add 1-5 points at the end based on my overall feeling for your piece, which will depend heavily on theoretical "laughs-per-minute."
  • One might look at the system and think "Hey, the longer it is, the more points I can score!" False. If it drags on, I will start deducting points.
  • The added score at the end will not be as high if over 85% of the jokes were about the same topic.


  • In the requirements above, there are lots of loopholes. Take advantage of them.
  • The edgier, the better. Let's make these interesting.
  • Look at my one-shot to see what I might like and what kind of language I would say is "appropriate"
  • If it's any help, my favorite comedy shows are Archer, Arrested Development, and Modern Family.
  • You're more likely to win if the setting is in contemporary times. Still, one could always pull off a great fanon taking place in Aang or Korra times.


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