Many of us keep up with modern day politics, and some of us have even studied politics throughout history… But what exactly would the political climate in Ba Sing Se be like right after the 100 Year War? Well, with my new fanon, Political Animals, I try to find out.

In the story, Kuei is widely unpopular, even hated, after the war ends. People look at him as a failure who is largely to blame for the deaths of Earth Kingdom citizens and the other casualties. Activists like Joo Dee, who is now an idol and considered a hero for what she endured during the war, call for an end to dynastic monarchies which produce out-of-touch and ignorant leaders. Instead, they propose the idea of holding Democratic elections to determine the President of what would become the Earth Nation rather than Earth Kingdom. Intrigued by the idea and sincerely believing that he could to the job well, General How throws his hat in the wring, forming the Liberal Party. He has an opponent for the primary election of his party, capitalist entrepreneur Lao Beifong, who Joo Dee is quick to endorse.

Unfortunately, How faces more opponents than Beifong and Kuei of the new Monarchist Party. Generals Fong and Sung agreed to establish the Military Party, and compete for the nomination promising a strong militaristic rule over the nation. On top of all that, How's biggest threat turns out to be Long Feng, who has returned as the leader of the Communist Party to run for President on the idea of "equality" and "standing up for the little guy". But just what are his true intentions?

How must deal with media scrutiny of him and his family, violent protest, and the contact sport that is campaigning for public office- the highest office in the land.

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