I know that many of us on the wiki are not American, and therefore do not celebrate the great holiday of Thanksgiving (which is really a myth. There was no turkey, no families thanking God for anything… what is wrong with society trying to raise kids to believe that two cultures magically settled their differences and ate a giant feast. Your 1st grade dress-up mock feast was completely inaccurate, trust me.)

Anyway, some of you may remember that I parodied Christmas in Deck the Halls!, which is currently nominated for featured fanon article of December 2012, and diabetes-in-a-bag holiday in Merry Halloween. Well now, I'm proud to announce that in two days I will publish my Thanksgiving special, Talking Turkey!

I plan to bring back a few fan-favorties. Yes, Iroh will be cut and pasted from SNL's "Drunk Uncle" again, Ty Lee will be that girl who posts annoying junk on Facebook more often than the rapper Necro swears, and Suki will of course be the "Meg" of the family.

The plot will differ from the first two, in that rather than it being about what happens at the house where everyone meets, it's the trip to the house. I was going to make it Grandma's House, but then I remember the characters unknowingly cannibalized Kanna in Merry Halloween, so I'll have to think of something else.

If you have any suggestions/things you'd like to see in the Thanksgiving special, feel free to tell me!

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