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Illustrator Needed For Only 1 Pic!

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Hey, Omashu Rocks here. I recently wrote a blog shamelessly advertising my new short fanon Political Animals. If you go the mainpage, you'll notice that the image I'm using is of the Ba Sing Se throne room… well, I don't like that one.

I thought of an image that would be really cool, and I need a talented artist to help me out because I can't draw for my life. It would have six people in this formation. The people would be the following:

  • In the center would be General How with a serious face.
  • To How's left would be Kuei with a worried face.
  • To Kuei's left would be Joo Dee with a sexy, yes sexy, face.
  • To How's right is Long Feng looking devious as usual.
  • To Long Feng's right is Mayor Tong, looking evil.

Is anyone up to the task? If you create the best drawing, you'll win a userbox proclaiming that you one Omashu Rocks's drawing challenge!

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