Omashu here! A while back, I created the Fanon Character Battles- a tournament in which the competitors were fanon character from across the wiki. As promised, they've returned (but with a few twists!) This time, two tournaments will be held concurrently, one deciding the canon champion and the other deciding the fanon champion. The two nominees will then compete against each other. If fanon character is victorious, his or her creator will be crowned the champion and receive a special userbox.

Everything will be run here but I'll explain the rules on this blog as well.

The following canon characters are candidates to compete in the canon tournament. The list will be narrowed down to 8 by popular vote:

Each user will be allowed to vote for three and after a certain period of time, the eight characters with the most votes will be selected for the tournament.

The Fanon tournament will work a bit differently--similar to last time. Author's can add their characters to open slots, pretty straight forward.

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