Every now and then, the Fanon Review Squad here on Avatar Wiki loses a member and/or decides that an additional reviewer is needed for the team. Following the announcement, several candidates are tasked with completing a "test review" of a predetermined fanon. Well ladies and gentlemen, this time is upon us yet again.

The existing members (myself, Minnichi, MibuWolf, and Mageddon725) have concurred that another member is necessary, and that those hoping to fill the position will write a test review of The Lost Air Temple by kuzonkid7. The application process will proceed as follows:

  1. Hopefuls will declare their candidacy by commenting on this blog.
  2. Candidates will write a review of The Lost Air Temple ASAP.
  3. Candidates will submit those test reviews on the Fanon Review Squad's talk page.
  4. The existing members will look over each review carefully.
  5. We will come to a consensus as to which candidate shall be selected.

Here are some things we'll be taking into consideration:

  1. Obviously, the test review is key. Be sure to include a detailed analysis, accurate scores, constructive criticism, and helpful advice. These four tenants are must for any FRS review.
  2. Unique reviews will ultimately benefit the FRS more. Are you creative? Show it.
  3. Just like poorly written fanons are less fun to read, we'll be looking at your general writing ability, so make sure to use a colorful vocabulary, captivating language, and preview your work before submitting it.
  4. As reviewers are kept on a schedule, punctuality is very important. Will you be able to finish your reviews on time? Prove it by quickly (but thoughtfully) completing your test review.
  5. Keep in mind that a user who as made thousands of edits will probably have an advantage over one who has made less than ten, especially in the fanon portal. However, don't be afraid that we will give special preferences to older or more experienced users. It really all boils down to skill.

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