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Omashu Rocks here for another installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! Today's fanon is The Kyoshi Chronicles by Kyoshidude.

Authors' Plot: During the time of Avatar Kuruk, the four States lived in harmony, with the world divided into equal portions. But when Kuruk passed, the Earth State made its attack on the rest of the world. Seventeen years later Kyoshi discovers she is the Avatar and uncovers hidden secrets about the Earth State - their manipulation of the truth and their desire for domination. Can she learn all four elements before the Earth State conquers the world? Or will she not even make it out of Ba Sing Se alive?

Step into the past and discover the forgotten history of Avatar Kyoshi as she braves the most challenging and dangerous enemy of her time.


Plot/Storyline: I love the Earth Kingdom, so a fanon about both Kyoshi and the EK waging war on the rest of the world got me very excited. Luckily, Kyoshidude didn't disappoint. 9.3
Organization: No major complaints here. 9.4
Creativity: I suppose this is a lot like the plot of A:TLA, but there were some aspects that certainly made my creativity meter go off. 9.3
Action: The description of action is nice, but given that these chapters are extraordinarily long, I would have appreciated a little more fighting. Of course, that's just personal preference. I'm an action-obsessed guy, so take that into consideration when reading this review. 9.2
Interest Level: 9.3
Character Development: I can't say that I ever felt a connection with any of the characters are really "cared" for them… 8.7
Believability: It seems as if Kyohsidude's war has all the aspects of a real war, and I can see almost everything happening in the Avatar world. Like any fanon, there were some "no way" moments. 9.4
General Writing: I was very impressed with the author's writing. It was, for lack of a better word, very mature. 9.3

Average Score: 9.2
Note: All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What Kyoshidude does right:
I do love the length of the chapters. In my opinion, longer is much better. Kyoshidude extends his chapters to such a length that if I was waiting for the next chapter, I'd have a lot to keep me busy when it came out. I also appreciate his writing ability and his accurate sense of a war and how an Avatar would deal with her own nation's wrongdoing.

What Kyoshidude could improve on:
The weakest score I gave here was "Character Development". This is because at no point did I feel for any of the characters. To many readers, that's important. Try to get people's emotions working a bit.

Who does The Kyoshi Chronicles appeal to? This is easy to answer- people like me. If your favorite nation is the Earth Kingdom, this is a great read. If your favorite Avatar is Kyoshi, this is a must-read.

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