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Omashu Rocks here with another installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! Today's review is of The Generals by The Bos

Author's Plot: The Generals is a background story centering around the leader of the Council of Five, General How written by The Bos. Set in the 'Wanted' universe, the story includes details from the spin-off series as well, including My Own Savior and Honor Thy Father. The story seeks to elaborate on his origins in becoming the famed 'Raging Badgermole' as well as his relationship with General Beipan.

Verdict: The Bos has done it again! I can honestly say that this is the best mini-series I have ever read on the wiki.


Plot/Storyline: Being someone who is fascinated by the Earth Kingdom and its political/military structure, I loved this plot. I believe with my whole heart than 99% of readers would agree. 9.6
Organization: This is really the only category where the fanon wasn't almost perfect. The fact that there is "required reading" makes it more difficult to understand and enjoy. 9.0
Creativity: I've never read a fanon dissecting the political atmosphere of Ba Sing Se or what goes through an Earth Kingdom general's mind. 9.5
Action: Action isn't too common, but when fights occur, they are described brilliantly. 9.3
Interest Level: This is the first fanon where I can honestly say that I was hooked by the first three lines. 9.6
Character Development: The strongest part of the story, no doubt. The best parts included How's emotions, Long Feng's manipulative nature, and even early signs of General Sung's mental weakness. 9.7 (I've never given a 9.7 score)
Believability: Advancement has a very cheesy battle dialogue that definitely would not have taken place, but there is nothing else that seems unreasonable. 9.3
General Writing: Bos includes beautiful descriptions and great vocabulary. The only issue is the occasional confusion between past and present tense. Unless utilizing a flashback (or flash-forward) literature must maintain the same tense constantly.9.4

Average Score: 9.5
Note:All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What The Bos does right: Given that his fanon has received the highest score I've ever rewarded, the author has obviously done something right. In fact, he created a masterpiece with The Generals. It may only be five chapters long, but each has a different battle, scandal, or debate accompanied by great dialogue and genius military tactics that will keep readers thirsty for the next.

What The Bos could improve on: Unfortunately, The Generals has been completed. For future writing, however, I would suggest that The Bos watch out for switching between past and present tense in literature.

Who does The Generals to? If you're like me and you are interested in Politics in the World of Avatar or the Military of the Earth Kingdom, you will bend over backwards for this fanon.

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