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Omashu Rocks here for another installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! Today's fanon is The Book of Primal Illusion by Harpalyce

Authors' Plot: Eight years after Zuko was crowned Firelord and brought a fragile peace to the world, a new threat arises as a mysterious group seems to be out to kill the Firelord... or to control him. While Sokka and Aang chase down a cure that may be Zuko's only real hope - and may or may not exist - Katara finds herself pulled into politics, and then something far more dangerous...


Plot/Storyline: So after the war a group rises to get rid of Zuko; Here we have a typical "post-war" plot. Unfortunately, do to unoriginality of the essential storyline (although there are a few creative twists), I can't give this a great score. 8.4
Organization: A look at the list of chapters on the main page tells me that the author has planned ahead. One thing I would suggest here is linking to the main page and prev/next chapters in the chapter infobox. That makes it easier to navigate around your fanon. 9.3
Creativity: Harpalyce gets bonus points here for some amazing artwork. Like I said earlier, the overall plot has been done before a lot… However, there is something quite incredible and creative, and that is The Book of Primal Illusion- I get a great ominous feeling every time I think about it. 9.2
Action: I would like to see much more. In my opinion, there should be some good quality action in almost every chapter. If not fights, then some bending for another purpose. 8.3
Interest Level: It's always difficult to get myself to read a "post-war" fanon. I would have been much more intrigued by something with a completely unique plot. 8.3
Character Development: One thing I enjoyed was the, for lack of a better word, scandalous, character development. Zutara fans should like this. 9.3
Believability: From my last review: I can certainly believe most things, but only because tons of other authors have already written a lot of it. Therefore, I'm not scoring believability; I don't think I can do it fairly.
General Writing: Harapylce's writing is decent; I didn't find too many errors but I wasn't wowed either. 8.7

Average Score: 8.8
Note: All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What Harapylce does right:
The idea in the author's head is great. Harapylce obviously knows what is needed to make a story enjoyable to read.

What Harapylce could improve on:
Although I'm saying that wikians are tired of post-war fanons, I'm not saying the fanon should be abandoned (like mine was). I do believe, however, that the plot should be steered completely off course from the typical story with A:TLA characters.

Who does The Book of Primal Illusion appeal to? Zutara shippers, first and foremost. Also, any user who likes post-war fanons might as well check this one out.

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