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Omashu Rocks here for the second installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! Today's fanon: Sons and Daughters by Mageddon725

Author's Plot: Republic City is a shining example of unity and peace among nations, but trouble is brewing. The children of Team Avatar, essentially on vacation in the new metropolis, must now overcome a new order trying to alter the course of history as well as deal with ancient feuds. Can they be half the heroes their parents were? Only time will tell if they are up to the task.

Having read Mageddon’s other fanon, I had high expectations coming into S&D. Let me state right away that I was not at all disappointed. While a clear plot took a little while to develop, every second of the story is filled with either something interesting, fun, or intense. The strongest point? Character Development.


Plot/Storyline: This is the best “Children of Team Avatar” fanon I’ve ever read. Every gap between A:TLA and S&D is explained. The only issue is that a plot doesn’t become apparent until City of Lights and isn’t clearly defined until Recruitment Still, every moment leading up to those chapters is well worth reading. 9.2
Organization: Any questions or doubts I had while reading were answered promptly. Little confusion occurs, even in time jumps. 9.4
Creativity: There are plenty of new concepts for this advanced world, some of which I shouldn’t spoil. Mageddon displays plenty of creativity. 9.2
Action: Not much in the beginning but it certainly picks up with brawls in Republic City, duels, training, and pro-bending matches. Some chapters were a bit lacking in this department. 9.0
Interest Level: Mageddon includes enough cliffhangers and interesting themes to easily keep my attention. 9.3
Character Development: Perfection. That’s the one word you can use to describe the progression of the relationships between siblings, friends, and enemies. 9.6
Believability: A:TLA characters are represented nicely, particularly Sokka and Roku. Nothing too impossible occurs but Teela (sky bison) seems to travel at a tremendous rate…. 9.2
General Writing: Descriptions are impressive. In addition, there are hardly any grammar mistakes. 9.4

Average Score: 9.3
Note:All Scores Are Out Of Ten.

What Mageddon does right: His character development, as I’ve noted earlier, is perfect. To expand on that, the relationship between Tenzin and Sora, the struggles between Lu Ten and Sanaki, Chikyuu’s attitude, and one more relationship that I won’t spoil are done superbly.

What Mageddon could improve on: Something that I’ve learned myself over my experience in the fanon portal, a little bit of action in each chapter goes a long way. It was FRS founder BlackMonkey that first explained that to me, and boy was he right. The author should try to include more action in each of his chapters.

Who does Sons and Daughters appeal to? Obviously, if you enjoy Aftermath and Burning Earth, you will also love this story, as Mageddon retains his skill in descriptions and character development. If you like stories with lots of shipping, occasional cliffhangers that leave you on the edge of your seat, and creative ways to tie in A:TLA, you’ll like S&D.

Would I suggest this fanon to a friend? YES.
Would I go out of my way to read this fanon? I think so.
Will I continue to read this fanon when more chapters are posted? Of course.

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