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Omashu Rocks here for another installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! Today's fanon is One Small Step for Amon (One-shot) by HammerOfThor

Authors' Plot: This fanon is something I've been writing over the past two days, as a parody of some of the theories and controversies that have been circulating about Amon. It isn't intended to be insulting, or start any flame wars; it's just a bit of fun, and should be taken as such. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.


Plot/Storyline: The plot follows the events of The Legend of Korra, from Amon's view, as a satire. Truly great. 9.5
Creativity: I believe this was the first Amon parody written on this wiki, and it had some great original humor, even taking a couple of shots at the wiki itself. Has character/narrator conversation been done before? Yes, it has… 9.3
Humor: Probably one of the funniest one-shot's I've read on this site, if not the funniest. 9.6
Interest Level: I really hope the author makes another one for the next set of episodes. 9.5
Believability: I don't need to believe all the crazy theories HammerOfThor made fun of, we've seen them. 9.5
General Writing: I didn't notice any grammatical errors, and no the vocabulary was exceptional, but nobody should expect literary genius from a comedy, as the author notes himself in a comical way. The, in my view, poetic, part on "A Leaf in the Wind" was great. I also liked how it poked fun at writers' sometimes weird way of including episode titles. 9.5

Average Score: 9.5
Note: All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What HammerOfThor does right:
You'll notice I didn't include "Character Development" as a category. That's because I didn't feel it was possible to properly judge what is typically a serious subject for a comedy. If I could attempt to give this fanon some kind of grade in CD, it would be high given reoccurring jokes among the characters, a funny less-serious take on Amon's personality, and his comical relationship with Lieutenant. It's really all that kind of stuff that makes a comedy great.

What HammerOfThor could improve on:
If he does make another, and I hope that is the case, I would suggest he tone down the jokes about characters understanding their in an episode. Maybe one character/narrator conversation is okay, but there were just a tad too many, "well the writers…" jokes.

Who does One Small Step for Amon appeal to? Everyone who has even a slight sense of humor and is sick of Amon speculation.

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