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Omashu Rocks here for another installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! Today's fanon is Avatar: Energy Saga by AvatarRokusGhost.

Authors' Plot: Energy Saga takes place after the end of the television series. It's about Aang fulfilling his duties as Avatar and rebuilding the world which has been devastated by a hundred years of war. In order to help make the world he lives in now more like the one he grew up in, he starts learning energybending, one of the capabilities which the Avatar Spirit has; however very few incarnations of the Avatar have ever used it. Without the instruction of his past lives, he's essentially on his own. However, as he discovers what energybending is capable of, he learns that all of his actions have consequences. The series begins at the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender, but some darker themes become introduced as it goes along and it becomes more PG-13 than the canon show.


Plot/Storyline: Yes, it is a "post-war" fanon. You can't deny that. BUT, it's arguably the best "post-war" fanon. 9.5
Creativity: Of course I'll have to deduct a point or two for the basic storyline being the most overused on the wiki, but this fanon really stood out. There were not only unique characters (and one particular unique weapon comes to mind), but every chapter boasts things you can't find anywhere else. 9.4
Action: Energy Saga should be studied by all other authors of action fanons. Y'all know me, I could go for some action in every single chapter, but Energy Saga certainly isn't lacking battles or fights, of which there is no better quality. 9.5
Interest Level: I'm reading this fanon for the second time now. 9.7
Character Development: I'd like to note here that AvatarRokusGhost has a separate fanon page just for the shipping in Energy Saga- there's that much of it. I have seen fanons with better character development so unfortunately in this category I can't write that it's the greatest thing my eyes have ever gazed upon, but it's still pretty good. 9.4
Believability: 9.5
General Writing: I've been taking notes reading this fanon, jotting down some brilliant vocabulary and beautiful writing techniques on the way. ARG's descriptions and imagery are spot-on, and not only does he paint a picture, he makes the reader feel like he's jumping into the picture. (Super Mario 64, anybody?) 9.8

Average Score: 9.6
Note: All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What AvatarRokusGhost does right:
Just so everyone knows, I have never given any sub-scores higher than 9.6 before. Ever. General Writing received a 9.8 and Interest Level earned a 9.7. Now that's impressive. The reasoning behind these fabulous scores is this: no fanon will have you hitting the "next chapter" link faster than Energy Saga.

What AvatarRokusGhost could improve on:
This is really tough for me, truly. Me giving advice to the fanon guru, a god amongst our wiki's authors. The best way for me to do this is offer up what I'd like to see most. Perhaps, another side-plot could get cooking. What I mean by that is, while the whole Energybending thing is right-on and there are certainly plenty of side-stories, maybe the characters could really be held up by some HUGE other conflict...

Who does Avatar: Energy Saga appeal to?

*Holds up a mirror*

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