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Omashu Rocks here for another installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! Today's fanon is Burning Air by Sokka jr.

Official Plot: Taking place twelve years after the death of Avatar Roku, and Sozin's Comet is only days away, it follows the stories of a twelve year-old boy, Kyfu; a Fire Nation spy named Hikaze; Monk Gyatso; and Fire Lord Sozin. Kyfu grew up in Southern Air Temple in the same group of children as Avatar Aang. Though an airbending prodigy, he has always lived in Aang's shadow. However Monk Gyatso recognized his talents and takes him and Aang under his wing. Then Kyfu is sent to continued training at the Western Air Temple. Unexpectedly, Aang runs away after Kyfu leaves. Little does he realizes how serious the dilemma is, a war is coming, and he is the Air Nomads' last hope. Kyfu holds the fate of the Avatar and the entire Air Nomads race, just in his hands. SCORES:

Plot/Storyline: There are a few things about the fall of the Air Nomads, but this one does a nice job of zeroing in on one Airbender in specific and really putting him under focus. He has a unique tale that separates this story from others like it. 9.4
Creativity: Ditto what I just said, I suppose. Like always, I'll deduct points for having a somewhat familiar plot, but specific aspects and details of the fanon make up for it. Example: The entire character of Hizaki is really creative and really interesting. 9.2
Action: I think both the frequency and longevity of fight scenes could be ramped up. The chapters are a bit short; some longer battles could help fix that problem and raise the quality of action. 9.0
Interest Level: Very few fanons do I actually keep up with after the review. Well I've been reading this one since before the review and I shall continue with joy. 9.3
Character Development: There are unique characters, but I just don't feel that emotional connection towards them. There's still plenty of time to make that happen, though. 8.8
Believability: 9.3
General Writing: Sokka jr isn't gonna win a Politzer, but he knows how to write a good story. Sometimes, super long and so-called "eloquent" sentences ruin a fanon. Sokka jr is simple and direct in his writing. 9.3

Average Score: 9.2
Note: All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What Sokka jr does right:
There's something about this story that makes me want to know what happens next. I really can't put my finger on it, but I can describe it as a similar feeling I have towards Avatar: The Worlds Fate by AvatarFreak21. I just wanna know what happens!

What Sokka jr could improve on:
Make. The. Chapters. Longer. There are several ways to do this: add more/longer battle scenes. Have a dream or a flashback that lasts a while. Throw in some extra emotion or more selection of detail.

Who does Burning Air appeal to? Fans of When Air Nomads Walked The Earth will definitely like this. If you want to know what happened in between Sozin's Comet and Aang's awakening from the iceberg, read it.

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