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Omashu Rocks here for another installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! Today's fanon is Avatar: The War in Silence by DarlingDio

Authors' Plot: Over two hundred years after the events involving Avatar Aang and Team Avatar, the world has regressed into a Dark Age, and the current Avatar is dead with his successor undiscovered.

Holding back chaos and anarchy has become the job of both, The White Lotus, and the now world spanning Kyoshi Warrior Mercenary Corps; maintaining a tenuous order in a world falling to pieces.

Enter The Insuhada: An ancient society with enigmatic motives that seems to be orchestrating the collapse.

Enter Tora: A dour, and ridged young Kyoshi Warrior, who, the Insuhada have crossed at their own peril, triggering a cascade of events that will decide the fate of not only the world, but the very cycle of the Avatars. Yuhan, a highly talented converter of rebels (a.k.a. brainwasher) doesn't really have any issues with the Dai Li's reasoning. He lives to contribute to the balance of the city; he doesn't really have anything else to do, anyway. After an unexpected twist of events, however, a childhood friendship resurfaces - and blooms into love.


Plot/Storyline: Again, I'm a sucker for all things Earth Kingdom, and I love stories including the Kyoshi warriors, so I was glad that the author created a nice plot. 9.3
Organization: I can see how some people might easily say “Wait, what just happened?” a few times but it wasn’t too confusing. 9.2
Creativity: Certainly some creative aspects. Pretty much average. 9.0
Action: I loved how the author enabled me to play the battle scenes in my head 9.4
Interest Level: So-So. I think this one depends on taste. 9.2
Character Development: Nothing to complain about here. Each of the characters has distinct personalities and I found myself having favorites and actually caring about them. 9.5
Believability: Again, can't complain much here… 9.3
General Writing: DarlingDio has a nice vocabulary and some pretty good descriptions. This fanon's writing reminded me a lot of the beautiful writing from the last fanon I reviewed, Silent Hero in Emerald. Then I realized that the author of SHiE reads this one! 9.4

Average Score: 9.3
Note: All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What DarlingDio does right:
The author doesn't really need to focus on descriptions (as far as improving goes). Same thing for vocab and action. The author has these things down. The writing is certainly of a good quality, and that made reading enjoyable.

What DarlingDio could improve on:

I would only suggest adding something HUGE that no other fanon in the world has. Get that "Wow Factor" in there.

Who does Avatar: War In Silence appeal to? Fans of the Kyoshi Warriors should LOVE this fanon. Also, if you really want to see some good writing, check it out.

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