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Omashu Rocks here for another installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! Today's fanon is Avatar: Spirited Away by Aaron Rodgers 2000.

Official Plot:

One day, a spirit named Yukio was wondering around in one of the Spirit World's many realms, when he came across a glowing ball of light. To his surprise, the face of a young lady could be seen and it was the first time Yukio's eyes were captured. He quickly dived into the mysterious light and his life had then experienced a major turn. He would have to learn to live as a human, while protecting humanity from evil spirits.


Plot/Storyline: So far, two incredibly short chapters are available, so there wasn't much of a story for me to be swept into. Usually in situations like this I try and see if I'm hooked on the little amount of material I'm given. The answer? Unfortunately, not really. Basically, all that's in the first chapter is him seeing the ball of light, and it even takes until chapter two for him to have is "major turn." Think of everything that can happen in just one A:TLA episode… 8.5
Creativity: I like the idea of unusual spirits and everything, but there just isn't enough material yet that could include all the fascinating beings I'm sure the author has in mind. I also have to deduct points for entitling it Spirited Away. 8.5
Action: There isn't any action at all in what we have so far, so I can only really reward points for language in the plot section that implies battles… 6.3
Interest Level: Perhaps this will pick up later on, but I can't say that I'm really all that interested. 7.4
Character Development: Diddo the last few answers. 7.8
Believability: I'm not really sure about balls of light with women in them causing ruckus in the Spirit World, but I don't mind plots that aren't feasible. 8.7
General Writing: In addition to frequent grammar/spelling mistakes, there is a lack of colorful vocab, good descriptions, or any writing that makes me want to continue. 8.4

Average Score: 7.9
Note: All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What Aaron Rodgers 2000 does right:
First of all, nice username. The strength of this fanon is it's general premise. I know this wasn't the most positive review, 'but that is partially caused by the lack of material to judge upon. This fanon has a lot of potential, trust me. If you take the next few chapters to introduce truly epic spirits, develop your characters, and throw in a few great fight scenes, you're in good shape.

What Aaron Rodgers 2000 could improve on:
Other than getting a new touchdown dance? Well I would go through and spell-check each chapter. That's first on the list. I basically outlined everything else in my previous answer.

Who does Avatar: Spirited Away appeal to? I would say that Spirit World fans and those interested by the paranormal would like this.

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