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OR here with another installment of FRS: The Omashu Scoop! Today's fanon is The Weatherbenders by PSUAvatar14.

Author's Plot: Twenty-two months have passed since the end of the War, and all seems at peace. The road to recovery continues throughout the world, with Earth King Kuei having returned to power over a year ago, and him returning to control after the Dai Li were banished. Fire Lord Zuko is re-uniting the Fire Nation, and re-construction of the Southern Water Tribe is progressing smoothly. However, starting in the late summer of 102 AG, bizarre changes in weather patterns begin to be reported worldwide, with severe deviations from average. It is later discovered that a mysterious, ancient bending art has been revived, and Team Avatar figures out it is the art of Weatherbending. Members of the Gaang begin to learn that they are capable of this art, and will have to work together to try and bring down the force which has revived it.

I'll be honest, at first I wondered how interesting a fanon about weather could be. A few chapters in, however, I realized what I was missing by not reading the story sooner.


Plot/Storyline: After getting past the "it's getting hot in some places, cold in others" part, a very unique and neat plot takes shape. 9.4
Organization: Nothing to complain about here. Confusion was not too common. 9.5
Creativity: Weatherbenders is perhaps one of the most creative stories on the wiki. 9.6
Action: Some chapters are a bit dry in the department. Others make up for it with brilliantly described fight scenes. 9.4
Interest Level: I was certainly intrigued right out of the gate. Again, it is another post-war fanon, but with a special twist. 9.3
Character Development: The author does a nice job here. 9.3
Believability: A:TLA characters all well represented, particularly Aang, Katara, and some characters that were minor in the series like Mai. Also, the plot isn't exactly meant to be realistic, even in Avatar world standards. 9.4
General Writing: The quality of chapters is kept high since there are no major grammar errors, and the author includes a good set of vocabulary as well. 9.5

Note: All Scores Are Out Of Ten

Thanks for reading and good luck, KataraFanboy!

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