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Omashu Rocks here with another installment of ‘’FRS:The Omashu Scoop!’’ Today's fanon is The Necklace Heist by Agent Slash

Author's Plot: Originally a one-shot fanon created for TAD's Writing Challenge, The Necklace Heist is a short fanon about Me and my friends Piandao and Suki stealing a Water Tribe betrothal Necklace to find a karaoke partner and then trying to return it all the while trying to avoid the guards it was stolen from.

I wasn't sure what I would think of this short, light comedy when I started it, but the fanon definitely proved that Agent Slash has a sense of humor. It is a bit difficult to review, as the intensity and action found in a drama are not present but are replaced by a crazy (yet creative, interesting, and entertaining) plot. While this isn't a story of much substance, it is certainly a easy and fun read.


Plot/Storyline: I’ve certainly never heard of a plot as obscure and random as this one... I suppose everything fits together in the end. Perhaps it could have used more substance, but it is a light comedy… 9.0
Organization: It isn't clear whether the author planned ahead, but everything ends up working out. 9.2
Creativity: If this fanon was anything, it was certainly creative. In fact, dictionaries could include this fanon in their definition of creativity. 9.5
Humor: I found myself chuckling at random one-liners. The stupidity of one man in particular was also funny. 9.1
Interest level: Each chapter increased in humor. Slash even included a cliffhanger in The Necklace Heist 3. 9.2
Character Development: The relationship between Slash and Suki develops nicely 9.2
Believability: The plot wasn’t intended to be believable, but the character representations weren’t spot-on either. 8.8
General Writing: Not much to say here. 9.1

Note: All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What Agent Slash does right:
Again, the one-liners are the best part about this fanon. Random characters say funny things in the background and main characters mumble under their breath. The light humor of these jokes made the story enjoyable to read. The story is also the epitome of creativity.

What Agent Slash could improve on:
The fanon is complete, but if the author were to ever write another short comedy, he should focus less on an elaborate plot and more comedy.

Who does The Necklace Heist appeal to?
Anyone with a good sense of humor should find this fanon fun to read. It’s short, and in twenty minutes you can have finished a decent light comedy.

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