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Author's Plot: After the war ended and Aang restored balance in the world, Firelord Zuko, together with Avatar Aang, Sokka, Katara, Suki and Toph start building and rebuilding settlements all over the world. Aang marries Katara and gets three new Airbenders who settle in the Temples, while Sokka and Suki marry and have two babies, and Mai is now Fire lady Mai, after marrying Fire lord Zuko, a prince is born.Zhao escapes prison and starts getting bigger, he wants to restore glory for himself. Aang has to take care of his children, while he has another mission, he has to stop Zhao.

Reading this story was a bit of a roller coaster for me. Some parts felt like any other “after the war” fanon where Team Avatar tries to mend the balance of the world, but at other times, I was impressed with the new, unique ways Bahjy had Aang and his friends go about accomplishing their task.


Plot/Storyline: Yes, a team of Ozai supporters does arise, but this is a team unique to most others across the wiki. 9.0
Organization: The fanon has an excellent, reader-friendly main page and each chapter as a “Previously” section. The only main problems were the occasional use of parenthesis or bullet points in the content of the chapters. Try to avoid those. 9.3
Creativity: Readers have heard of the “Aang rebuilding the world” concept several times but Bahjy includes a few new ideas namely cool cultures of cities and towns. 8.6
Action: At first, battles are nonexistent, but they increase over time. Glory Gang Rises, Part 2 is one of the strongest chapters for this category.7.3
Interest Level: Initially, I was intruidged by Aang and Co’s ideas to start building cities in the Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom, but some chapters were too dry of excitement 8.7
Character Development: The members of Team Avatar don’t undergo any major emotional struggles or progression, but The Old Glory Gang does slightly. 8.4
Believability: Bahjy struggles to represent most A:TLA characters, although Azula was displayed nicely. In addition, Appa travels across the world at an impossibly fast rate. 7.5
General Writing: The play-like style of the script was interesting, but the author often used commas where periods should be, confused much/many, and both past and present tense were used to describe events that happened in the same time period. 7.2

Average Score: 8.2
Note:All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What Bahjy does right: Next Generations develops at a smooth, steady pace. Considering all the chapters as a whole, the story progresses neither too quickly nor to slowly. Also action, creativity, and character development are increasing in quality as Bahjy becomes more experienced. If the newer chapters were included in previous reviews, the scores would have been higher.

What Bahjy could improve on: Each fanon author attempting a storyline based around characters and locations from A:TLA needs to do their research. In order to enhance Bahjy’s ability to accurately represent the characters, I suggest he watch a few episodes of the original series before writing a chapter. Other than that, he should always double check to make sure that references to the series are factually correct.

Who does Next Generations Appeal to? More users than those who read it now, to put it simply. After multiple conversations with other users whether on talk pages or the IRC, it sounds like several wikians are looking for a traditional “after the war fanon” with some new, unique concepts. They could be looking for NG.

Would I suggest this fanon to a friend? Probably
Would I go out of my way to read this fanon? Maybe
Will I continue to read this fanon when more chapters are posted? Yes, certainly.

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