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Omashu Rocks here for another installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! Today's fanon is Jump by Azulazulazula.

Official Plot: Toph Beifong, esteemed Chief of Police, has been framed for murder, but the true murderer framed her well, even getting her arrested. Only one problem: the metalbending Police Chief can and has escaped any trap, but in this case, she had to kill six people to do it, and another seven just to see her best friend Sokka. Now, the prosecution has her charged with fourteen counts of first degree murder, and if anybody catches her, she'll be hanged for sure. She won't let that happen. She has to run, but first, she has to find and talk to her best friend first. And along the way, she'll make some decisions, some crucial decisions. And maybe, just maybe, she can drag her best friend along with her...


Plot/Storyline: First of all, I really love the premise. The whole Toph getting in law trouble is great (especially since she used to be quite the troublemaker in A:TLA) Other than that, there's a very unique aspect to the plot that I won't spoil in this review. 9.4
Creativity: If you read the official plot, you know this is creative, and the author clearly put a lot of time into making his fanon stand out. 9.3
Action: Take this score with a grain of salt, it isn't really meant to be an action fanon. 8.7
Interest Level: I am the first subscriber, and I can't wait for the next chapter. 9.4
Character Development: The author includes really interesting backstories for the adult characters of Toph and others. Plus, the developing relationship between Toph and Sokka is really well done. 9.4
Believability: Well… it isn't extremely believable, but isn't terribly inconceivable either… 9.0
General Writing: The first-person narrative is beautiful, just like Azulazulazula's usual writing. 9.3

Average Score: 9.2
Note: All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What Azulazulazula does right:
The plot is excellent, which is good because that's the one thing that really can't be changed. I also appreciated the wonderful character development that stood out from the very beginning.

What Azulazulazula could improve on:
Well the lowest scores are for action and believability, but this fanon wasn't necessarily meant to be action-packed or believable, so I'm a little stumped. Maybe throw a few more twists and turns in there.

Who does Jump appeal to? Toph fans. Sokka fans. Users who enjoy first-person point of view. Readers searching for an emotional story. That pretty much sums it up.

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