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Omashu Rocks here for the third installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! Today's fanon: Darksome Knights: Resurrection by Lightningthief9.

Authors' Plot: Darksome Knights takes place in seven worlds. The Five Pillars live in one world, while the other people live in the other six worlds. Every world debuted in the first book. The world of the Five Pillars is the first world seen in the fanon, debuting in the first chapter. The world of Avatar debuted in the second chapter. The worlds of Kingdom Hearts debuted in chapter 3. In the fourth chapter, the world of Star Wars made its debut. The world of Harry Potter debuted in chapter 5. The world of Pokemon made its debut in chapter 6. In chapter 8, the final world, the world of Percy Jackson made its debut.


Plot/Storyline:The author has a nice idea in his head, but the execution of that idea was a bit disappointing. There were a few opportunities for great moments that were not utilized. 8.8
Organization: The story jumps from dimension/world to the next very confusingly. Sometimes I didn't know who was doing what. 8.6
Creativity: Here's where the fanon delivered. I've never seen so many different worlds combined into one story. Very unique. 9.4
Action: Again, I think the author had all the ideas there, but fight scenes were often very confusing and difficult to picture. 8.6
Interest Level: The uniqueness of the fanon kept me somewhat intrigued but I wasn't dying to read the next chapter. 8.9
Character Development: Some characters were shallow. I'm not sure they experiences as many emotions as they should have. 8.3
Believability: The multiple worlds aside, nothing was too far from unbelievable. Occasionally the main characters would not question suspicious events as much as they probably would have. 9.0
General Writing: The author does know how to include great descriptions, that's for sure. If he could work on his clarity, the fanon's writing would improve by far. 9.1

Average Score: 8.8
Note: All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What Lightningthief does right:
Creativity: Check. Beautiful Descriptions: Check. As far as those two criteria go, I have no major complaints. If this wasn't the most unique fanon I've read, it's certainly up there. I know from working with the author in the community fanon once known as Our Story that he's good with descriptive writing, and he didn't fall short in his own fanon either.

What Lightningtheif could improve on:
Clarity: Not-Quite-Check. As I've stated earlier, the fanon was, at points, hard to follow. What's unfortunate about this is confusion can quickly ruin any fanon no matter how creative, emotional, or exciting it is. I had that problem myself in my first fanon and I can offer the following advice: When reading a chapter before publishing, imagine you are a reader instead of the author. Ask yourself "Could I understand this if I wasn't writing it?"

Who does Darksome Knights appeal to?
Those looking for a creative story can end their search; they've found it.

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