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Omashu Rocks here for another installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! I would first like to sincerely apologize for the extreme lateness of this review. I meant to revise my schedule to account for a baseball tournament I participated in, but I forgot. Today's fanon: Avatar: The Legend of the Green Firebender by Sokkatheman.

Authors' Plot: The Legend of the Green Firebender takes place about twenty years after the War; it follows the adventures of Kenji, a young Firebending prodigy who stumbles upon the Sun Warriors' ancient city. He is judged by the masters Ran and Shaw at a young age, improving his Firebending beyond that of his friends and even his teachers. His Firebending father is proud of him and his power, whereas his Waterbending mother prefers his younger sister with her Waterbending abilities. However, they are killed in an incident with the rising Equalists, and his sister is nowhere to be found. With his quest to find his missing sister, Kenji travels to the famous Republic City, where with the help of the children of Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko, he hopes to solve the secret behind his parents' demise, help unravel the mystery of the Equalists, and finally find his long lost sister.


Plot/Storyline: From the prologue, I could tell that the plot was dark, action-packed, and intriguing. The rest of the chapters kept the good streak going, and I was very impressed that such a new author could come up with such an engrossing storyline. 9.3
Organization: Nice, helpful main page, though there was slight confusion in some of the chapters- slight. 9.2
Creativity: The beginning of Kenji's adventure is certainly original. Not too many stories have used Republic City as a setting like this one eventually does, but I unfortunately must deduct just a few points for the lack of uniqueness there. 9.2
Action: Fantastic. I've been waiting for a fanon that can satisfy my thirst for some great action, and I may have found it here. The descriptions are great, and the author includes a nice variety of bending moves, rather than saying "fireblast" every time. 9.5
Interest Level: I don't always continue to read fanons after I review them. I most definitely will with this one. 9.4
Character Development:The way Kenji’s character is set up in the just the first chapter is brilliant, and also quite surprising. His character continues to impress me throughout the story. For a new author, the development of the main character is brilliant. I would only suggest working to really make readers connect with some of the others. 9.2
Believability: Some great legends lack much believability, and some aspects of this fanon certainly are hard to believe- I don't think it will destroy the series for anyone. The representation of A:TLA characters is okay, but not right-on. 9.0
General Writing: Overall a pretty good job, especially for an inexperienced (as far as the wiki goes) author. He understands proper grammar, and he often uses brilliant descriptions. 9.3

Average Score: 9.3
Note: All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What Sokkatheman does right:
Action. Fight scenes were by far my favorite part. Perhaps it simply fits my taste, but I consider myself to have great taste in battles. This along with the dark, sometimes cynical tone of the fanon will make Sokkatheman a rising star.

What Sokkatheman could improve on:
As I said earlier, one of the author's goals could be trying to get readers to care about characters (other than Kenji). Character development is not bad by any means, but there is room for improvement. I would also practice working on representing A:TLA characters. Watch some old episodes and pick up what they would say.

Who does Avatar: The Legend of the Green Firebender appeal to?
Action-thirsty, adventure-hungary, intensity-desiring readers like me. 'Nuff said.

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