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Omashu Rocks here for another installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! Today's fanon is Avatar: Shattered Balance by Kamigati.

Authors' Plot: It is 200 years after the events of The War. Peace has reigned in the world for a very long time, and as such the world has changed. The Avatar, not needed due to the prevalent peace, has gone into seclusion and isolation. In his absence, the Order of the White Lotus has replaced him as the world's peace keepers, making sure that the peace of the world is not disturbed. Along with them have risen a new batch of unique warriors, called the Samurai. Riding great beasts, they are the White Lotus' main warriors, travelling all over the world and making sure that trouble does not blow out of proportion into a massive cataclysm of chaos. Suzaku is one of the newest initiates into the Order, after finding his dragon's egg near his home in the woods. It having hatched to him, he has decided to help the world by becoming a member of the Order of the White Lotus. At the base of the White Lotus he has meet his best friend, a young Airbending girl named Seiryuu, who is also training to become a White Lotus Samurai. Though she hasnt found a beast companion yet, being her hyper optimistic self, has not given up.

However; what Suzaku and Seiryuu do not know is that they are part of a very powerful destiny. For enemies, long thought sealed and contained, are slowly but surely returning. And the only way they can be defeated is if Suzaku and Sieryuu embrace thier destiny...


Plot/Storyline: Very intriguing plot. It isn't post-war, it isn't even about an Avatar running around mastering the four elements. It's about two destined heroes finding their fate. 9.3
Creativity: Some aspects here and there certainly set of my creativity meter. As always, I give a bump for really neat illustrations. 9.4
Action: I've certainly read much worse action fanons, but this category could use some improvement. Keep trying at it and improving. 8.8
Interest Level: For a lesser-known author and fanon, I found myself surprisingly into the story. 9.1
Character Development: This fanon shined here. I loved the way Suzaku and Seiryuu interact and Seiryuu's whole sky bison dilemma. 9.4
Believability: So-so here. No major points that struck me as impossible. 9.3
General Writing: The author isn't to shabby with writing and grammar. His/her descriptions are decent as well. 9.1

Average Score: 9.2
Note: All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What Kamigati does right/can improve on
The author does a really nice job in making the readers care for the fanon's characters. They each have their own stories and distinct, recognizable personalities. As I hinted at earlier, the action could use some improvement in both quality and the oh-so important emotion that makes great battle scenes stand out.

Who does Avatar: Shattered Balance appeal to? This fanon definitely has potential and deserves MORE readers. Seriously, guys if you are one of the many users tired of post-war or traditional Avatar fanons, give Shattered Balance a chance.

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