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Omashu Rocks here for the third installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! Today's fanon: Avatar: Legends of Miyuki by AvatarRokusGhost and Moon Beam.

Authors' Plot: This fanon is about the Fire Avatar, before the Unnamed Fire Avatar. Her name is Miyuki. She is born after the previous Earthbender Avatar was killed in the war of the Earth Kingdom. The story starts when Miyuki is five years old. Her mother and father are divorced, and she lives with her uncle. While her father is fighting in the war, it is unknown where her mother is. The Prologue takes place when Miyuki is a young child. After that, you will see Miyuki grown up.

When I saw that AvatarRokusGhost was a co-writer, and after looking up Moon Beam’s other works, I knew I would be reading fanon gold. Simply put, I did. The biggest problem I had with the chapters is that it took my computer too long to load the next one.


Plot/Storyline: At first, chapters are a bit short, but this improves. The authors do a fantastic job in revealing just the right amount of secrets each chapter! 9.3
Organization: Confusion was minimal, and the authors obviously plan ahead. 9.4
Creativity: It’s a story about another Avatar, yes. However, this Avatar faces a threat unique to any other in the fanon portal. 9.3
Action: Action description is good, but I suggest the authors include more. 9.0
Interest Level: Incredible! This fanon has cliffhangers galore, great ones too. It’s hard enough to find a fanon with suspense, and even harder to find one with perfect plot twists and secrets. 9.6
Character Development: This is nicely done. Boy, Miyuki has a strict uncle! 9.5
Believability: Nothing too unbelievable. I don’t want to spoil anything. 9.3
General Writing: Descriptions are exceptional right from the start. Other than a few repetitive words and rare grammar mistakes, the authors did well in this section. 9.3

Average Score: 9.3
Note: All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What ARG and Moon Beam do right:
The pace in which the authors release plot twists is perfect. Never did I feel that chapters were void of exciting turns, but they didn’t reveal too much either. In that way, this fanon is the goldilocks of surprises.

What ARG and Moon Beam could improve on:
More action should be included in each chapter. Only four have been released, and it is very possible that the authors intend on adding more fight scenes. Unfortunately, I can only evaluate their fanon based on the available material, and I highly suggest action, however small, in each chapter to keep readers wanting more.

Who does Legends of Miyuki appeal to?
For starters, fans of headstrong female characters such as the ones seen in A:TLA will be drawn to Miyuki’s personality. She is very persistent and is determined to learning the secrets of her world and the past. In addition, readers who find themselves particularly liking stories that have plentiful cliffhangers and twists should love this fanon. There’s a reason it attracts well-known users like Lady Lostris.

Would I suggest this fanon to a friend? I’d suggest it to random people on the street too. Would I go out of my way to read this fanon? YES. Will I continue to read this fanon when more chapters are posted? Immediately, I can’t wait!

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