Hello wikians! If you're like me, you may be experiencing three things on the wiki:

  1. Depression that so many users are leaving
  2. Boredom in between A:TLA and TLA:LOK
  3. Love for reading fanons and finding new fanons

If you indeed are like me, then here's a fun activity for you! It's called the Fanon Character Battles and can be found here.


It's exactly what you would think it is. Writers have pit there fanon characters against another in a tournament-style competition! Voters can decide which character is more epic by reading their character pages or even a few chapters of the fanon!

  • Please read the rules below if you think you may want to vote:
  1. You may vote once.
  2. You may note vote in a battle in which your character is in.
  3. You may add ONLY your signature. DO NOT add an argument.
  4. Don't be stupid and try to delete a vote.

What do you guys think? Post comments below.

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