OR here with a way for users to help each other! I understand that many users on the wiki are anxious to write a fanon, but are struggling to think of plots or storylines. In a way, I have the opposite problem, with many ideas but no time to write them. One day, I wondered how many other users had the same issue... To solve this, I decided to create a short blog where users who are full of ideas could post them as a comment, to act as an inspiration for beginner authors.

My idea Avatar version of the Hunger Games. I don't necessarily mean that every aspect of the book is transferred into the Avatar World, but I think that a story about bending children thrown in an arena to fight to the death would be popular. Possibly 6 children from each nation. (there are 24 contestants in the book as well). I'm not sure whether an author would prefer a futuristic setting (like the book) or the A:TLA setting. This idea has possibly been taken.

If you have any ideas of your own that you simply do not have time to write about yourself, please post them below and help out a struggling author!

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