OR here with special Holiday Announcement!

Soon, it will be my first Christmas on the Wiki, and I can't wait to play with that Sky Bison Furreal Friends Doll I want super-duper badly or listen to the new sexy Tsungi horn album by Iroh and the Dragons. But before I receive any presents on Christmas Eve via the Omashu Delivery System, I decided that I would waste an afternoon incorporating the two greatest things on earth together: Avatar and Holiday Spirit. That's right, I'm going to write my A:TLA interpretation of Christmas.

Haven't people done that before? Probably.
Isn't this the most cliche thing you could think of? Okay maybe.

Look, so what if lots of people have done it before? I'm better than lots of people, so therefore, by the Transition Property of Omashu Rocks, I'm better than Christmas. Who's better to write a Christmas fanon than someone who is dominant over the holiday himself?

… Anyway, I was thinking about staying away from the religious aspect, since this is a secular Wiki and I respect the beliefs of my fellow users, and making the plot something along the lines of the A:TLA characters trying to pull together a perfect Christmas by finding a huge tree, organizing a "Secret Santa", putting up some Mistletoes-and failing, failing miserably.

What makes this project even more fun for me is that I'm pretty sure I can equate most characters with someone I celebrate Christmas with.

  • Iroh=Drunk Uncle?
  • Zuko=Brother who I swear shows up late on purpose just so he can be angry?
  • Katara=That super-religious cousin who doesn't shut up at the dinner blessing?
  • Pakku=The "you kids these days and your stupid happiness (mumbles to self)" guy?
  • Joo Dee= "Aunt Sally! I'm so glad the nails that somehow got in your driveway didn't pop your tires and prevent you from coming!"
  • Toph=The girl you just have to give books.

Get my drift? Whuteya think? I can already smell your excitement!

  • NOTE: Some minor characters will not be accurately represented but will instead act in a stereotypical way according to their age, gender, and some details about their past.

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