I'm not sure what decision to make:

My first fanon, Flaming Stone is pretty much dead, so I'm not really considering that a fanon. However, I'm still writing Avatar Brek and am the leader of the new Our Story Project. So basically, I have 1 fanon to write and another to organize. I know this is a lot already, but a really good idea just popped into my head for a fanon. I think it would become popular. If I take it slow with both fanons I'm writing (Brek and new one) could I manage all three? Or should I wait? I know there are those who would never consider writing more than one fanon at a time, but I have lots of ideas that I want to get out there and I have no problem with taking time from one to give to the other.

What do you think?

P.S. For those who are familiar with Avatar Brek and its quality as a fanon, I can 'assure you that this would be much better. The idea itself is better and I will spend at least a month on each chapter. (As opposed to the couple of days I spend on others.)

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