Peacekeepers offered some new insight into the relationship between Avatar Korra and Republic City's newly-elected President Raiko, and we saw a glimpse into what seemingly will be a major conflict in Book 2. To do her part to help the Southern Water Tribe's efforts in the civil war against Chief Unalaq, Korra traveled to Republic City to convince Raiko that he should send troops on the South's behalf. As many of us expected, the President was completely against getting involved and taking sides, his reasoning being that Republic City has no interest in the war and they should remain neutral.

Because Korra is the protagonist, I think we have a natural inclination to take her side and root for her Varrick, Tonraq, and the South Pole. However, I can see both sides to this argument. Korra is clearly frustrated by Raiko's policy of non-intervention, but is he truly in the wrong? If I was in his shoes, I'm not sure I would send my own people into harm's way because one nation has engaged in a civil war. After all, it's civil. On the other hand, a major feud between the two tribes could disrupt the world economy, especially since they would both focus their production on war materials and their navy ships would be sent across the entire ocean into battle, disrupting global trade. Also, there is no doubt that this military conflict will enrage the Spirit World, and that could have devastating effects even worse than a war on Raiko's people. If the spirits are sent into a complete rage because of the disruption of balance, every nation, including the United Republic, would be severely threatened.

Another argument for URN intervention would be "The Avatar said so." This is true, and as the bridge between the physical and spiritual world, as well as the protector of balance in the universe, Korra holds some clout when it comes to this issue. Of course, she has been known to make the wrong decisions in the past, so perhaps Raiko shouldn't trust her judgement.

Who would you side with in this debate? Raiko, in the interest of letting the Water Tribes solve their own problems, or Korra, to use force to end the problem once and for all.

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