Hey Avatards!

There were so many OMG moments in TLOK book 1 season finale. I want to know what your favourite moments were in the season finale. So many to choose from, which will you pick?

  • Finally learning the identity of Amon.
  • How Amon takes bending away.
  • How about learning of Hobo Guy and the Underground town of poor folk :P
  • Amon cleansing Korra of her impurities
  • Korra finally learning airbending.
  • Seeing Aang and the past avatars.
  • The arrival of Uncle Bumi
  • Korra going into the Avatar state.
  • Lin getting her bendin back.
  • Bolins funny facials

Or The Makorra Kiss. So go on, doesnt have to be from the above list pick anything. YIP YIP!!

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