Hey Avatards! Create your own Team!!

Go on!! Pick a team, who will you pick Aang? Korra? How about Amon? or Cabbage guy? ......huh!....Momo? Pick anybody you like from the world of Avatar, both from The Legend of Aang series or The Legend of Korra series, Hero or Villain or better yet Hero and Villain.

A maximum of 4 members.

Explain why you picked them? And what are their strengths as a team?

Dont forget to give your team an awesome name. Make as many teams as you like even add themes if you want.

Get to it! Check out my team.

Team Awesome! Iroh: Dragon of the West, firebender, wise and has experience in war, King Bumi: King of Omashu, earth bender and Crazy, Amon: Strategist, chi blocker and ability to take bending away, Meelo: Agility, Airbender and the kid invented fart bending!! Strengths as a team pure badassery!!

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