Well this my first blog that doesn't have anything to do with fanon, or stuff about leaked material. In this blog I'm going to tell you guys about what I saw on these two trailers.

Mythology Trailer

Well I think this trailer is the best out of the two trailers that were released today. It starts of by giving us a little bit of clips of Aang using energybending on Ozai, and tells us about how his friends helped him bring balance to the world. It is kind of weird that the trailer doesn't mention Toph. She was a very important member of Team Avatar.

Next, the trailer continues to show us clips of things we saw from other Legend of Korra trailers, until things get interesting. It appears that Lightning Generation does appear in Lok. And guess who is performing the technique. Mako. Well I think the guy who is bending lightning is Mako. I didn't think Lightning generation was going to appear in LoK, mainly because that it was only used by the royal Fire Nation family, but I was wrong.

The Lieutenant is also shown in this trailer shocking Mako like he did Bolin on one of the other videos. It seems like in a future episode the Equalist led by Amon, will interrupt one of the Pro-bending matches. This can be proven by the fact that Amon was seeing doing some kind of unknown technique to Tahno, a pro-bender at the pro-bending arena. Note, the technique that Amon is using to take bending away looks similar to energybending, but I don't think he is bending. He says he wants to kill all benders so why would he use bending himself. It just doesn't make sense. Well, now I'm going to move on to some more new stuff I saw in this trailer. It appears that Korra was seen wearing an outfit that is similar to a Metalbender Officer uniform. My guess is that she is trying to infiltrate some dangerouse place. Also, this trailer shows Korra with her hair not in bangs or pony tails. Well this is all I have to say about the Mythology Trailer. Now lets move on to the next trailer.

Makora Kiss?

Well nothing special really happened in this trailer. All it tells us is that there will be a marathon of Avatar: The Last Airbender that will feature sneak peeks of The Legend of Korra series. So look out, you might see more new stuff. The only exciting about this trailer is when it shows the clip of Mako and Korra kissing. Well it seems that Makora is official. I'm not a big person that participates in the shipping war but I did think this was interesting. Well, this is it for now. I hope you all enjoyed this blog.Makorra.png

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