Every body knows that the first episode of LoK was leaked today, a week before the series might premier. I admit I have watched some leaks because I thought the series would never come out, but I didn't see the first episode that was released today. Why? Because there is a chance that we can see the first episode in a week. Wow! But this does not stop Avatar fans from spreading the word about leaks and watching them. I know Nick's security was poor but this wikia didn't do any better. Where were the admin's this morning when wikians started spreading the word about leaks. We can't say anything about Nick's poor security if we can't destroy links to leaks. I'm starting to think I will have to stay away from this wikia until next Saturday. If I don't I might see lots of spoilers. I feel bad for the co creators of Avatar. Working hard to let us see Korra fast but have disloyal fans. If this blog is deleted then I'll be happy with this wikia. We finally have security.

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